Save a rhino — eat a rhino

May 20, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Political correctness is not only a license to lie, it is also the cacophonous wailing of mindless excuses to live the lie. And it is a very dangerous lie for both man and beast.

Only a short 30 some years ago the magnificent African white rhino was on the verge of extinction due to habitat loss for agriculture demands to feed starving people, out-of-control wanton poaching for some voodoo freaks’ insatiable demand for rhino horn macho symbolism and the insanity of animal-rights goofballs banning hunting in many areas.

When corn and beans are more valuable than rhinos, agriculture wins and rhinos loose.

When the self-inflicted scourge of political correctness obscures science, logic, reason and truth, denial cultists can claim animals somehow have rights in between the BBQs, feeble people are scammed, hunting is banned and there are no more revenues to pay for game departments or game wardens, so the poachers have at it.

Got that?

Fortunately, real animal lovers and real conservationists do get this ultra simple sustain-yield wildlife science, and we stepped in to do the right thing for rhinos.

Following the proven and successful methodology of sustain-yield based regulated hunting that has produced the healthiest, most thriving return of game animals across North America, caring African landowners lobbied for a limited hunting season on white rhinos.

By selling hunting licenses for older, beyond breeding or overtly aggressive trophy male rhinos, the huge revenues generated by hunters supported not only game wardens and agencies to study and monitor the beasts but also to stop the indiscriminate slaughter of rhinos for their horns.

With rhinos now worth more than maze and tomatoes, many landowners were now willing to dedicate their vast acreage to increasing rhino populations brought about by the reduction of older males and the resultant increase in breeding females and their offspring.

The hunters got the excitement and the trophy, the native peoples got the precious meat, and the landowners got a piece of the pie from licenses sold. Regional economies also got a boost in revenues from the licenses, permits, trophy fees, hotels, food, travel, supplies, tourism, guides, butchers and taxidermists.

White rhino numbers went from a few hundred animals to more than 20,000 in a short time and continue to thrive.

What sort of PC dimwit could possibly be against such a success story? Animal-rights scammers and other assorted con artists ripping off gullible people with the painfully emotional lie of “save the poor defenseless animals” – that’s who.

As a valuable big game species, the white rhino is no longer endangered, and for anyone paying attention and honest enough to truly care about healthy wildlife populations, the jury is not still out; regulated hunting has always paid for successful wildlife management, benefiting wildlife every time. Only soulless scammers claim otherwise.

Safari Club International member Cory Knowlton paid a whopping $350,000 for a Namibian black rhino permit to proceed with this same proven management system, and as predictable, the scammers and denial cultists fumbled forth with their big, stupid, insane lies and manufactured hate.

It has always been the hunting families of the world that pay the billions and billions of dollars to safeguard and manage wildlife.

Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Whitetails Forever, Pheasants Forever, National Wild Sheep Foundation, Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club, Houston Safaris Club, Austin Safari Club, Shikari Safari Club, National Wild Turkey Federation, Quail Unlimited, The Ruffed Grouse Society, Trout Unlimited and many, many more hunting-based conservation organizations pay for, manage, save and protect wildlife, both game and non-game species through habitat safeguarding and restoration and the value of proven regulated hands-on hunting, fishing and trapping.

Caring people support and salute Cory Knowlton for his generous effort on behalf of the magnificent African black rhino. As long as they are managed as a valued renewable resource, they will flourish and thrive.

If we could somehow throw off the embarrassing shackles of political correctness, we could save the Bengal tiger and every other precious wildlife resource around the world. But if hunting remains banned on these endangered species, there will continue to be no incentive to pay for honest scientific management.

The liars at PETA and the Humane Society of the United States sure as hell won’t invest their millions of scammed dollars to do a damn thing, that’s for certain.

So the hunting families of the world will continue to fight for real animal rights – the right to healthy, balanced, valuable stable populations. Animals do have rights, to garlic and butter over coals.