November 18, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Here’s some free advice.

Never try to pet a coiled rattlesnake.

Never get between a sow grizzly bear and her cubs.

Never import religious voodoo nuts.

In the wake of the Paris slaughter and many other such vicious atrocities by Islamic gangbangers, the United States should learn a couple of things. A nation without secure borders doesn’t actually qualify as a nation. Weak immigration laws and practices are a recipe for the continued and guaranteed slaughter of innocents.

I’m not interested in pathetic platitudes that most Muslim immigrants are nice, polite people who want to ingratiate themselves into our culture and society. Even if that were true, everybody with an ounce of sense knows damn well that there are surely a few rotten voodoo bastards amongst them who want to kill us.

Paris knows.

Think of it in these terms: Who would knowingly invite scores of people into your home for a dinner party knowing that one or more of the visitors wants to kill you and your family and burn your home down? Only someone as weird and dangerous as the killer would advocate such a policy.

Enter Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

Amazingly, Mr. Obama wants to import a couple of hundred thousand Muslims over the next coming years. Only a dopey, liberal stooge would try and convince us that all these immigrants are peace-loving Muslims who will respect our Constitution and assimilate quickly into our society and culture. That dog won’t hunt.

The importation of hundreds of thousands of Muslims is a welcome mat for Paris-like slaughters right here on Main Street USA. We’ve already got more than enough lone-wolf nutjobs and psychos in America. To advocate importing more of them is sheer insanity or, if you wish, fundamentally transforming America. I say it’s both.

Too many Americans, including our president, must have already forgotten 9/11. Not me. That grisly slaughter of 3,000 of our fellow countrymen carried out by Allah-voodoo punks will be forever seared into my memory. From now until the end of time all debates about our immigration policies should be indelibly stamped with the memory of 9/11.

Mr. Trump has it right. Build a wall. Build a literal wall and a figurative wall that slams the door shut on all people from Muslim countries. That isn’t xenophobic or jingoistic. It’s common sense.

We are now literally witnessing in Paris what porous immigration policies from Muslim countries will get you: death. The president of France finally got it right after the slaughter by slamming shut France’s borders. With more than a hundred dead Frenchmen, that decision is too late.

France is in trouble. There are surely other ISIS voodoo punks hiding out in Paris and beyond waiting to unleash their demonic hatred to slaughter more people of France. Meanwhile, France does not allow its citizens to be armed so that they can protect themselves from future Muslim gangsters. The entire country is a gun-free slaughterzone. Big mistake.

In America you have the right to worship the God of your choice. What you don’t have the right to do is to use your religious freedom to promote and encourage murder and mayhem. That is a soulless, anti-human cult and a criminal enterprise, not a religion, and certainly not one that claims to be a religion of peace.

America should learn from France and all the other European countries that have laid out a welcome mat for those who want to kill them and to transform their countries into Muslim nations.

Mr. Trump has it right. Slam America’s immigration door shut now.

Good leaders would err on the side of caution for their fellow Americans. Bad people err on the side of false compassion for known terrorists.