Sonic Baptizm Tour Underway!

June 20, 2016 | « back

sonic-baptizmThe 2016 Ted Nugent Sonic Baptizm Tour kicked off this week in Laconia, NH, and will make its way across America now through September.

“I just got off stage at Laconia and let me tell you, if I wasn’t in this band I would follow them across the globe to watch them every night!” said Nugent. “Jason & Greg create the ultimate driving rhythm section that every guitar player dreams of. We were crazy tight, ultra high energy and the songs killed…”

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Here’s what people are saying about Sonic Baptizm 2016…

NUGENT rocked in Laconia NH. The power and emery he and his band have was amazing. Still tearing it up! Younger generations cannot keep up with this guy. –Chris Chesley

Killa show! You guys sounded amazing & my ears are still ringing! — Rob Ferreira

Got tickets for THREE Nuge shows this year!!! See ya at the Dangerzone in Kalamazoo!!!! YOWZA –Steve Cremonesi