THE TED OFFENSIVE: Ban the welfare state –– not guns

July 17, 2013 | « back

Exclusive: Ted Nugent blames liberals for ongoing murders in black communities

With the Chicago Independence Day Massacre now over until next weekend, there will be talking heads pontificating yet again about what we can do to stop the violence in the president’s hometown and in every other city in America.

The left will clamor for more gun control, more “common sense” gun laws and restrictions, blah blah blah, as their panacea to stop the nightly slaughter. Chicago already has the strictest gun control laws in the nation – and some of the highest rates of violence. Write this down somebody: Gun control doesn’t work.

I’ve heard it all before. None of their transparent hyperbole, none of their feelgood showboating marches, all the nonsensical counterproductive gun buy-back programs, none of their fact-void clamor for more gun control laws, all of their mindless demonstrations, etc. etc. etc., have achieved a damn thing. Ever. Nothing.

The weekly body counts in Chicago, New Orleans and other cities resemble war zones. The ugly truth is that certain neighborhoods in our cities are terminal war zones where life is cheap.

This isn’t a gun problem, and no new gun laws are going to solve it. The societal wound is much deeper than simply laying the problem at the doorstep of the NRA. That may make the left feel good, but it won’t stop the killing.

The underlying reason for the nonstop slaughter has been the 50-year-old welfare state that has wreaked a terrible and costly destruction on the black family.

Prior to the creation of the liberal welfare state, the majority of black families had a dad, the illegitimacy rate was roughly a third of what it is today, high-school drop out rates were much lower, drug use much lower, incarceration rates were lower, and divorce rates were in the single digits.

Trillions of dollars were thrown at welfare programs to supposedly uplift people and eliminate poverty. There is no doubt whatsoever that this money has been totally wasted and actually counterproductive, an actual component of the problem. Poverty remains rampant in black communities all across America, and their culture is in decay.

Fast forward to today and the destruction of the black family is complete. And we actually wonder why there are nightly shootouts on the south side of Chicago.

One of America’s smartest men, a black man, professor Walter Williams of George Mason University, stated, “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn’t do, what Jim Crow couldn’t do, what the harshest racism couldn’t do. And that is to destroy the black family.”

Solving this problem can only be done by eliminating the very welfare state liberals created. Liberals won’t do this, as this would end their stranglehold on minorities.

The bold truth is that liberals caused the destruction of the black community through the creation of the welfare state and that the manifestation of the 50-year-old welfare state is fatherless, directionless young men killing each other with wild, shameless abandon.

Regretfully, we have a lost generation of young black men. There is little hope for them, as they hold no regard for life. They will continue to kill each other and sometimes other innocent people caught in the crossfire of their soulless violence.

Banning guns, limiting magazine capacity, outlawing bullets, registering firearms, demanding universal background checks and blaming the NRA is not going to solve this liberal-created tragedy. Banning the welfare state would begin the long road to self-sufficiency and independence, and not to another Independence Day Massacre.

The blame for the nightly violence can be laid at the foot of liberalism that believes in government engineering of families and communities. This hasn’t worked out so well. There is nonstop small arms fire in the “gun free zones” of America. Know it.