THE TED OFFENSIVE: What I’ll do with my Rolling Stone cover

July 25, 2013 | « back

Exclusive: Ted Nugent on how to stay angry about ‘punk terrorist’s’ evil deeds

Controversy is raging about Rolling Stone magazine putting Muslim terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover.

I don’t find anything controversial about putting this punk’s mug on the cover of the magazine. In fact, I applaud it. Edgy, bold, white-water rapid journalism that pushes boundaries is good stuff.

However innocent the picture of the young, dope-smoking, voodoo-inspired terrorist Tsarnaev may appear, recognize what you’re staring at is the face of pure maniacal, brutal, vicious hate and evil. Those Americans old enough and who have not charbroiled their brains on the same dope that pushed little cutey Dzhokhar over the edge will recall that Rolling Stone also had another twisted face of evil on its cover: the other murderous doper Charlie Manson.

We need more faces of doped up monsters on the covers of magazines to remind us that evil comes in all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and assorted mind-altering, “victimless crime,” mind-numbing, soul-destroying drugs and chemicals. Identifying the bad and the ugly is good, real good.

This punk’s pathetic life should be probed, prodded, dissected, scrutinized, researched and exposed so that we can learn as much about him and his dopey voodoo ilk as possible so we can kill them or put them in cages before they carry out another cowardly mass slaughter of innocent Americans.

It is understandable – the anger and outrage some Rolling Stone subscribers and readers and others have with the magazine for putting the young directionless terrorist on its cover. However, the focus of their anger shouldn’t be with Rolling Stone but rather the cataclysmic failure of the U.S. intelligence community to closely monitor this punk’s older brother when they had been informed by the Russians that he was being radicalized by voodoo extremists.

Ironically, I doubt there was anywhere near the controversy by Rolling Stone readers that our intelligence community blew it. I doubt there were any letters by readers to Rolling Stone demanding that President Obama fire his gun-running attorney general, his security challenged secretary of state, the head of the FBI or CIA or IRS or EPA and other power-abusing jackbooted agencies.

If Americans really want to get angry about this voodoo killer, get angry that it will take years and millions of taxpayer dollars to bring this punk terrorist soulless cop killer to justice.

If America still had a real justice system, this punk would have been swinging from an oak tree months ago, along with his fellow Muslim murdering terrorist, Maj. Hasan, who just recently went on trial for his murderous attack on our soldiers at Fort Hood almost four years ago for what our stunningly dishonest government referred to as “workplace violence.”

Lady Justice is being raped, and we have the balls to call this justice. Unbelievable. It’s Romper Room justice at best. Welcome to the Planet of the Apes flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

I’m buying a copy of Rolling Stone so that I can use this punk’s picture for target practice. I recommend you do the same. Fill it full of holes. If you don’t have a gun, wipe your butt with the cover of the magazine and then go get a gun.

Stay angry, just ensure your anger is well placed. Aim small, miss small. And pick your battles well.