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By: Ted Nugent

I rant and rave all the time here there and everywhere about how critical it is in this crazed culture war that we do all we can every day to maximize the good while we hammer away at the bad and the ugly.

I author numerous pieces for various sporting publications around the country and conduct media interviews pretty much every day throughout the year.

I consider such action and participation in this sacred experiment in self-government to be my clear and present we the people responsibility.

As we prepare for our 27th annual Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity events in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and South Dakota this summer, there is nothing in this world more exciting than watching young kids across America take their first shot with a rifle, fling their first arrow and learn the real world nature lessons of tooth, fang and claw, sustain yield, habitat carrying capacity, honest to God conservation.

In my never ending crusade to bring this conservation reality to the youth of America, I have always reached out to youth with a full on unapologetic, dare I say, Gonzo Rock-N-Roll energy and believability that resonates with them.

Here is one of many examples of the tragedy of the scourge of political correctness that has removed nature from the American so called education system.

It is important to note that on some very rare occasions, the truth about hunting, fishing, trapping, resource stewardship and conservation is taught to children in a school here and there, and to those brave educators we offer sincere thank you.

This Q and A will shed some light into the darkness.

Senior Project: Jaxson Kirkland
Age: 18
School: Jesuit High School

Project Topic: Nature Conservation & Hunting

… I have listened to many hours of interviews Mr. Nugent has given. I greatly respect his point of view.

Q-Please describe when and why you started hunting and fishing. Who taught you and as you first learned how to hunt/fish, was there an emphasis on hunting conservation?

A-My pure, raw predator instincts were ignited along the banks of the Rouge River in Detroit from my earliest years. Born in 1948 to a father already following in the footsteps of the great Fred Bear, the mystical flight of the arrow took hold of me immediately and expanded each year of my life. Kid’s bow and arrow sets and Whamo slingshots quickly morphed to yew longbows and eventually Wing, Bear and Shakespeare recurves. Hunting adventures and FUN SPORT MEAT TROPHY pure predator lessons on squirrels and river rats along our Detroit neighborhood Rouge River wildlife kingdom expanded to annual family bowhunting safaris “Up North” and the life changing introduction to Fred Bear, and as they say, the rest is history. My extreme fascination with wildlife, wildness, bowhunting and my dedication to the healthiest diet available to mankind today is more exciting than at any time in my 68 year American Dream.

Q-There seems to be a point of view that hunting is just the sport of killing; why do you think this is? What is your personal stance on hunting animals just as trophies? (where there is no benefit/use for their meat or fur, such as giraffes).

A-The mere tragedy that a student in an American school is so clueless as to presume we don’t eat giraffes pretty much says it all. I dare you to name an animal that is legally hunted that is wasted. It was we hunters who wrote these laws to demand genuine respect and utility of these sacred renewable resources. It is criminal that the vast majority of media and academia has intentionally spread these vile lies about hunting and hunters and verily soulless that anyone allows themselves to be so gullible and politically correct to allow such anti-science propaganda to sink in. Hunting, fishing and trapping isn’t just the ultimate positive conservation and environmentalism, but truly a time honored lifestyle for tens of millions of American families. Not only do we demand that our precious wildlife remain in the asset column, but the annual harvest balancing the herds also provides many billions of dollars into the American economy each year. The rewards of course is the healthiest, most nutritious, renewable, organic and delicious protein known to mankind. Sacred venison fuels my life and oh what a spectacular life it is. Write this down- we have more deer, turkey, geese, cougars and bears in North America than ever in recorded history and more moose, elk and grizzly bears than in over 100 years due SOLEY to the game department supporting revenues of hunters, fishers and trappers. Hunting = healthy, thriving wildlife. Know it.

Q-What are some ways that you contribute to conservation of nature when hunting?

A-We as hunters, fishers and trappers truly cherish, demand and intensely manage and finance a healthy, balanced environment that produces the strongest game populations in recorded history and the resultant quality air, soil and water for all living things that is produced from this sacred habitat we invest immeasurable sweat equity and hard earned private dollars in beyond anyone’s imagination. We pay for the network of wildlife agencies across America.

Q-Do the hunting foundations, of which you are a member of, emphasize conservation while hunting?

A-Quality air, soil and water, quality of life itself, comes from healthy wildlife habitat which is the foundation of the modern hunting lifestyle since we hunters halted the indiscriminate commercial slaughter more than 100 years ago. It has always been fishermen and waterfowl hunters who discovered tainted waterways and wetlands. It is hunters who sound the alarm when sacred wildgrounds are abused and wildlife habitat is compromised. We walk and negotiate this sacred wild ground and we so cherish it all on a physical, pragmatic, utilitarian and spiritual level that we refuse to allow the abuse. Again, hands-on conservation is the ultimate monitoring process by which a healthy ecosystem will be maintained. Hunting organization like Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, North American Wild Sheep Federation, National Wild Turkey Federation, The Mule Deer Foundation, Whitetails Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, The American Grouse Society, Pheasants Forever and so many others have raised billions and billions of dollars from hunters to safeguard, rehabilitate and reclaim precious wildlife habitat for game, nongame and endangered species, all the while perfecting the origins of our air, soil and water quality, unselfishly. This is all unprecedented. Meanwhile, animal rights groups have done nothing to benefit wildlife, while they feebly attempt to end this perfect system of environmental upgrade. Truly a modern curse against nature and mankind.

Q-In your words, when is hunting/fishing not conservation?

A-When bureaucrats interfere due to pressure from animal-hating, nature-hating scam artist animal rights gangs and science based hunting is compromised forcing tax paid “sharpshooters” to clean up the mess caused everytime anti-hunting freaks get their evil ways.

Q-How does hunting play a vital role when it comes to an animal going extinct?

A-There were a few dozen California condors when the hippies decided to “protect” them, and only a few thousand wild turkeys when hunters decided to manage them by hunting based on clear sustain yield science. All these years later there are still only a few dozen condors but we now have tens of millions of wild turkeys. You go ahead and pick your favorite management system and I will tell you what kind of person you are.

Only a short 30 some years ago the magnificent African White Rhino was on the verge of extinction due to habitat loss for agriculture demands to feed starving people, out of control wanton poaching and the insanity of animal rights goofballs banning hunting in many areas. When corn and beans are more valuable than rhinos, agriculture wins and rhinos loose. When the self-inflicted scourge of political correctness obscures science, logic, reason and truth, denial cultists can claim animals somehow have rights in between the BBQs, feeble people are scammed, hunting is banned, and there are no more revenues to pay for game departments or game wardens, so the poachers have at it.

Q-What is your explanation on animal rights vs. animal cruelty?

A-Animal rights is a money grabbing, soulless, illegal scam. They accomplish nothing to improve the care or condition of wildlife. Animal cruelty is already a crime and should be enforced, prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law.

Q-Do you believe that hunting animals is God’s way to balance life between humans and animals?

A-When you are forced to upgrade your level of awareness to out maneuver wild game’s miraculous omniscient radar, it doesn’t take long to admit that our sustenance must be earned and revered. These animals that reproduce annually for us to eat, clothe, shelter and heal us represent the miracle of God’s creation that only fools dare deny. One has to gut a deer but one time to realize how amazing this miracle is. Hunters genuflect at the altar of God and His miraculous, cherished creation every day. Thanksgiving is celebrated every day by hunting families. “Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison;” Genesis 27:3