Ted Nugent Bumper Sticker Removed From Glen Rock Schools Truck After Complaint

December 6, 2013 | « back

By Chris Harris

A faded old bumper sticker, supporting a hypothetical presidential bid by Detroit rocker Ted Nugent, was removed from a school district maintenance vehicle this week.

The sticker was excised at the behest of a Glen Rock resident.

Sheldon Hirschberg, president of Glen Rock’s Board of Education, said an investigation by the district into the sticker revealed it had been placed on the vehicle some time ago.

When a resident spotted the sticker recently, he snapped a photograph of it, and alerted the board to the offending bumper sticker.

The resident, according to Hirschberg, took issue with Nugent’s pro-gun political stance. Nugent, an avid hunter, is a staunch opponent of gun legislation.

Politics had nothing to do with the sticker’s removal, Hirschberg said.

The sticker was pulled from the bumper “immediately upon notification” because “it is inappropriate for a school district vehicle,” Hirschberg said.

When asked if any school staffers would face disciplinary action over the display of the sticker, Hirschberg declined to comment, citing it as “a personnel matter” he could not discuss.

[Source: NorthJersey.com]