Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids 30 Years Later

May 30, 2019 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Thank God I was born into a hunting, shooting, outdoor celebrating family way back when! I’ve always said if Elvis Presley and Jim Hendrix et al were raised with a bow and arrow in the Great Outdoors, they would still be alive today!

Believe me when I tell you how thrilling, challenging and consuming is the mighty mystical flight of the arrow and allthings Great Outdoors!

There was simply no way any stoned, drunk, drooling goofball would have ever convinced me that getting high or drunk could possibly make me a better archer, hunter or guitar player.

Jimi got high, and Jimi is dead. I went hunting, and I’m still Ted!

Knowing conclusively the overwhelming positives of my mesmerizing Spirit of the Wild outdoor and shooting lifestyle, it took very little encouragement from his majesty Fred Bear when he told me of my positive impact on young Americans and prodded me to keep doing what I was doing promoting this greatest of sports.

And so it was way back in 1989 shortly after Fred’s passing that we unleashed our amazing Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids 501C3 non-profit charity, teaching and training and inspiring young boys and girls to always stay clean and sober and become the straight and accurate path of their arrows, both literally and figuratively.

This week we celebrate our TNKFK 30th anniversary with a gang of great American families in the Nebraska heartland, where archery, hunter safety, firearms marksmanship, fishing, trapping, woodsmanship, survival skills and an overall higher level of awareness to live the ultimate American conservation dream.

We are honored to share our Kamp with incredible volunteers from law enforcement, military and just great dedicated individuals who put their heart and soul into steering the kids from across the country on a TruNorth compass setting.

The great men and women of the Iowa Bowhunters, Nebraska Bowhunters, Colorado Bowhunters and the National Field Archery Association make it all happen, and provide a perfect example how hunting families work incredibly hard and make serious sacrifices for the future of America, America’s youth and the future of hands-on conservation.

With bows from Mathews, arrows from Gold Tip, slingshots from Saunders, fishing poles and tackle, air-rifles and targets, generous donations from caring individuals and an annual grant from Shikar Safaris, we have sent more than 18,000 young Americans on a life-saving course into the lap of God.

This year again we have young Kampers that are the sons and daughters of our original Kampers from way back in the early 1990s!

With so much of the world getting crazier and dumber every day, it does the heart and soul much good to know that Herculean efforts are put forth by the best people there are to keep God, family, country and reverence for God’s miraculous creation alive and booming.

If you want to be a positive force to reckon with for making America great again, get involved in one of the many organizations dedicated to keeping the hunting lifestyle alive. There are many such camps and organizations out here that can always use the help, and by doing so I absolutely am convinced you will help save some kid’s lives.

It is that important and powerful!

If you would be willing to make a tax-deductible donation to Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids, please visit the page.