Ted Nugent Teams Up with Doubletap Ammunition to Produce Ted Nugent Ammo

November 2, 2015 | « back

ammo He’s been called the nation’s most outspoken proponent of the 2nd Amendment. And now Ted Nugent has partnered with Doubletap Ammunition to produce Ted Nugent Ammo —proudly made here in the USA!

Founded in 2002 by President and CEO Michael McNett, Doubletap Ammunition has gained a well-earned reputation for powerful, reliable and accurate ammo. Every round is hand-inspected to ensure quality control and precision craftsmanship.

“Like our sacred 2nd Amendment, Ted Nugent Ammo is as all-American as it gets! It’s 100% tested, manufactured, bought, sold and enjoyed right here in the good old USA. Doubletap’s Mike McNett and I would have it no other way,” declared NUGENT.

Whether you shoot a rifle or handgun, for serious hunting or routine target practice, Ted Nugent Ammo has you covered, and it’s available NOW at TedNugent.com.

“Like my guitar playing, my quality of life is best measured ballistically,” continued Nugent. “Aim small, miss small isn’t just a cute saying to me–it’s my life mantra!”