Ted Nugent – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Freight Train is back on tour!

April 30, 2013 | « back

By: Robert Cavuoto

7985680235_2dbc7b7bbd_m For over four decades Ted Nugent has been unstoppable, a dynamic musical force not to be reckoned with.

Like a rock ‘n’ roll freight train that never falters or gets unhinged, Ted has continued to slay the wild hearts of fans and musicians throughout the world.

Along the way he never stopped taking his amazing stable of hits on the road to play for the new and faithful.

In turn, his dedicated fan base has never lost sight of Uncle Ted being a rock legend first and foremost despite the lack of accolades and awards from the main stream music publications and organizations.

His reputation as a great American musician is forged in his ability to blend well-crafted vocals and guitar melodies with sheer primal instinct, from “Cat Scratch Fever” to “Wango Tango” to “Fred  Bear”.

Ted is currently on tour with Styx and REO Speedwagon for a second trip on the Midwest Rock ‘n Roll Express tour! Rejoining him are Mick Brown [drums], Greg Smith [bass] and Derek St. Holmes – the real voice!

Between stops I was able to catch up with the charismatic braveman caveman to talk about the tour, making records, the music industry and being snubbed by the main stream music organizations.

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