Ted Nugent’s ‘Rocking America Again!’ Tour Stops at Orlando’s Plaza Live

July 25, 2017 | « back

Ted’s been bringing the heat all summer with his Rockin America Again tour! William Clark for Music Enthusiast Magazine gave a rockin review of Ted’s show in Orlando this past July. Check out the excerpt below and read the full review and photos at MusicEnthusiastMag.com.

“Nuge, the 68 year old hard rock musician and political activist, remains a high energy performer. You can tell he’s still passionate about his craft as he swings the audience to his corner with spiels like “I know why you’re all here, to hear some of the greatest guitar riffs in the history of rock and roll. I know, cause I wrote ’em all.” Cue in that swinging riff to “Gonzo.”

To be fair, Ted could have unleashed his signature right-wing political views throughout the course of the night as I’ve seen before at a Nugent concert and the crowd would’ve eaten out of his hand; a good portion of the crowd were seen donning their own NRA and Trump-themed apparel, and broke out in applause when the Nuge mentioned how he gave all of his grand-kids machine guns and said he told security if anyone didn’t bring a firearm to the show to give ’em one.

And yet for the most part the performance was largely settled in high velocity rock and roll; Nugent’s patriotism shone brightest through his taste in stage props and the evening’s set opener.

Closing with a knockout rendition of “The Great White Buffalo/ Spirit of the Wild,” Ted Nugent and company rocked The Plaza Live in Orlando with fierce blues rock themes and that personality unlike any other.”