The 2020 Test Of Mankind

April 9, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

As I settle in to slam out my weekly NugeBlog this fascinating second week of April in the year of our Lord 2020, it is the first time in my extensive writing/creative life that the words didn’t just come flowing forth with an unstoppable life of their own.

Well, they are now, but not without serious pre-thought and consideration that my words should address the current outrage of the global pandemic and resultant quarantine more than the traditional celebration of the overwhelmingly positive outdoor conservation recreational lifestyle.

As I have emphasized in recent writings and numerous media interviews of late, the soul cleansing outdoor lifestyle may be even more important now than in the otherwise easy going non-pandemic years.

Afterall, worse than the life-threatening dangers of the often-deadly Chinese coronavirus outbreak, is the hard hitting and dreadful confluent fears, anxiety and uncertainty of its ripple effects, most seriously manifesting in the virtual shutdown of the world’s life-giving economy.

Well into week three of the shutdown, I can personally proclaim so far so good, but certainly not for everybody.

Many people around the world are hurting badly, and much heartbreak and doom has left so many families with the loss of loved ones and neighbors.

On the positive side is the unlimited goodwill, empathy and generosity of so many Americans and others helping and caring for those in need.

No one really knows what the ultimate outcome will be when the dust settles, but I for one remain optimistically positive and am quite ready for anything.

I personally keep busy with my well-established Boy Scout prepared ranching/farming outdoor lifestyle.

This crazy 2020 pandemic springtime is still full-on pretty much standard operating procedure springtime for the Nugent family, and we continue with the soul cleansing rituals that are the natural springtime call of the wild.

We are breaking ground and preparing spring plantings of foodplots and hayfield treatments.

I’m chasing Rio Grande turkeys on our Texas ranch.

Daily dog training is still taking place. There are fish to be caught and filleted, traplines to be checked, critters to be skinned, trees to be planted, feeders to be filled, mineral licks to be poured, fences to be mended, trucks to be maintained, and killer guitar jams to be unleashed.

And of course, Mrs. Nugent’s needs must be adequately addressed every day!

Many mystical flights of more important arrows than ever are flung at the range each day, and God knows how important firearm’s training is under all conditions and more critical these days than ever.

We keep in touch with family and friends via all the advantages of modern technology while responsibly staying right here on the ranch with near total social distancing.

Isolation surely isn’t much fun for gregarious, happy-go-lucky Americans like us, but when in doubt, we improvise, adapt and overcome, following the expert advice of the professionals as designated by our great President Donald Trump.

We share the fears and uncertainty that everybody else is experiencing, but I am absolutely certain that all the exciting activities we celebrate as hunters, fishermen, trappers, shooters, archers, ranchers and farmers go straight to the heart of the ultimate healing powers of Ma Nature within whose bosom we are intrinsically and spiritually ensconced.

Let us all follow the sensible rules of isolation, increased hygiene, mouth, face and hand covering whenever we may encounter others, get outside as much as possible, shoot our bows and guns as often as possible, pray like never before and keep a positive spirit and attitude while encouraging everyone else in our lives to do the same.

Here’s what I do know; October will be here before you know it, and if that doesn’t keep your spirit upbeat and buoyant, I don’t know what will!

Godspeed America, be well, be safe, be strong and remain hopeful. We can do this.