November 13, 2013 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

According to the Associated Press, Al’s Barbershop in my old stomping grounds of Detroit may not be the safest place to get a haircut.

The AP reported that three Detroiters recently got more than a haircut at Al’s. Seems they ended up on a cold slab at the Motorcity’s cooler after a couple of hatchmen with roscoes filled Al’s Barbershop with hot lead. Six or so other people were taken by the band-aid bus to the local hospital.

Detroit’s finest believe that bumping off the three dudes and wounding the others may have been the result of various illegal gaming activity at Al’s Barbershop.

Say it isn’t so. In Detroit?

Some Detroit do-gooder should organize a march to protest that there are too many guns on the streets in Detroit as a result of the evil empire – the NRA – that institutional racism is alive and well, that the gambling boats near Detroit promote gambling, that this wouldn’t have happened had the GOP not shut down the Uncle Sham for a few days in October.

Yes, there has to be someone or some organization responsible for this latest mayhem other than the punks who pulled the triggers.

Clearly, this is all a big giant misunderstanding. The trigger pullers are obviously just misguided young men. When they are caught by the cops, their mommas will proclaim how nice and upright the boys are, that they were turning their lives around, blah blah blah.

No one will tell the truth, except me.

No one will say the trigger pullers are punks, thugs and urban degenerates. If I were a betting man, I would lay an Andy Jackson on the table that the gunmen have lengthy arrest records and have probably been to the cross-bars hotel at least a couple of times. You would be a fool to take that bet.

What Al’s Barbershop Massacre once again proves is that our urban areas like Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, Chicago, Oakland and St. Louis are war zones thanks to the gangster hoodlums who have no respect for life or fundamental decency and the engineered recidivism that guarantees they roam amongst us.

Every street cop will tell you that released gangster street rats are responsible for the overwhelming majority of murders in America. As Marion Barry, the former convicted crack-smoking mayor of Washington, D.C., once said, “If you take out the killings, Washington actually has a very very low crime rate.” Crack it up, Barry.

Even with the overwhelming majority of murders being committed by gangbangers, according the central planners in D.C., it surely must be the NRA that is at least partially complicit because they fight against the central planners’ “common-sense” gun control regulations.

Rarely do you hear the president or his hapless vice president blame the murders and mayhem on those who pulled the trigger. Instead, they blame the NRA, institutional racism, the GOP, global warming, Wall Street bankers, spotted owls and adrift polar bears.

The ugly truth is that urban street rats are responsible for the nightly shootouts in every large urban area in America.

If Mr. Obama wants to blame something for this other than the punks who pulled the trigger, he might want to inform America that for the past 50 years social welfare programs designed, engineered and promoted by liberals have wreaked havoc on black families across America.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the president or any other liberal to tell you this. That would be blowing a huge truth hole in the liberal lie that continues to wreak havoc on urban America.

America has been punked.

I’m going to Al’s for a trim.