The American Hunting Family Spirit

May 27, 2020 | « back

 By: Ted Nugent

There are some indisputable foundations to the pulse of mankind, some really bad and many really good, but one of the most powerful and certainly most positive throughout history is the deep, thoughtful spirituality unique to our species.

There are many predators in God’s miraculous creation, but there is only one reasoning predator.

Humans are blessed with a phenomenal intellect as well as our ingrained instincts to know how to make good, decent, positive, responsible choices in life.

Sure, we kill wildlife just like lions and bears and wolves and coyotes, but we actually have the capacity to think about what we are about to do and how to best accomplish it with a conscious discipline to do so in a caring, responsible fashion.

When they get lucky, wild predators actually snag their prey and eat them alive, simply functioning on the irrepressible survival pulsations that guide their every effort throughout life.

We, on the other hand, have the capacity of empathy, compassion and guilt, so therefore improvise and adapt our actions to reduce and hopefully eliminate discomforting afterthought.

Of course ethics will always be determined by what we do when no one is looking, and in my crazy adventurous lifetime of sharing campfires with hunting families all around the world, the evidence is conclusive that those of us who hunt and fish and individually take the life of animals to feed our families while accomplishing perfect conservation, the inescapable consequences of our actions teach us to be more caring, more thoughtful, better prepared, more careful and ultimately more responsible.

Forever I have witnessed America’s hunting families make sacrifices in order to help others. Typically, hunters are the first to respond to fellow man in need, whether it is the Bass Boat Duck Boat Mafia saving lives following hurricanes and floods, or the annual sharing of sacred venison by the tons to soup kitchens and homeless shelters across the land.

As some of America scrambles with beef and pork availability during this Communist Chinese virus pandemic over-reaction, it is once again the rugged individualism of self-sufficient hunters, farmers and ranchers of the land that come to the rescue.

Rednecks to the rescue! Sounds like a killer song!

I drive this beautiful truth home each and every day on social media, podcasts and various media, always fascinated at the surprise conveyed by the interviewer or host.

When a sick child needs the Spirit of the Wild medicine of a bobber bobbing on the pond, it is the fisherman/hunter that heeds the call.

When a troubled military hero needs that special touch and escape, it is always hunting families in every state of the nation that comes to the call, and brings the dynamic healing powers of nature at a deercamp and beyond.

Our mettle is being tested these days like never before my friends. I salute all the Spirit BloodBrothers in those great American hunting families across the land that put in that extra effort for those in need.

Though we all do good just because it’s the right thing to do, but just as important as the good deed itself is the promotion and celebration of these kind, loving acts to educate the world just who and what we are.

Those rotten forces against our perfect hunting/conservation lifestyle are always hard at work lying about these grand and essential traditions, so it is important to shine the light on the good guys as often as possible.

The letters PR stand for public relations, and in the heat of culture war battle us good guys need to relate to the nonhunting public now more than ever. Good begets good, and hidden good allows the bad to win.

I hope to see as many of you as possible up in Ringle, Wisconsin at 7pm on June 3 at the Q&Z Expo center to shine the good light together. Go to and join the team.