October 7, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I just don’t get it. What sort of vacuous, ignorant, soulless flake doesn’t know that our courageous Founders left the slavery of oppression knowing damn well that some punk king didn’t have the exclusive right to keep and bear arms?

How brainwashed, sheep-like and braindead must one be not to know that we created this brilliant, sacred experiment in self-government so that some tyrannical devil could no longer dictate religious choice?

How dumbed down can a society be where so many Americans now accept, even celebrate, feebleness, helplessness and abject dependency?

Welcome to the fundamentally transformed America, a heartbreaking embarrassment where rugged individualism, self-sufficiency and self-defense is scorned and condemned and, horror of horrors, outright forbidden for all practical purposes in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois and California and in gun-free zones across the land.

I smell dirty, rotten, anti-American, criminal loving, constitutional oath violating infringement running amok where the Second Amendment no longer exists. That’s what I smell.

Try this on for size, freakzoids:

KEEP means it’s mine and you can’t have it.

BEAR means I’ve got one or two on me right here, right now, and they’re loaded.

Anything, any law, any regulation, any directive, any decree, any dastardly claim to the contrary is pure, unambiguous criminal infringement in the first degree, and I see a whole gang of criminal violators everywhere I look in our government, our courts and in pretty much every power-abusing bureaucracy out there.

Meanwhile, those losers amongst us – spinelessly discarding self-evident truth, logic, common sense and pure human instinct – continue to fall for the big lie of political correctness, and get cut down by murderous maniacs like blind sheep to slaughter.

Don’t tread on me. Live free or die. Remember the Alamo. Never again … ring any bells?

Gun-free zones are a self-inflicted suicidal curse and send a big, crazy message to evil people to come and get us. We are unarmed. We are helpless. Do with us as you may.

Bernie Goetz did the right thing and defended himself and others from rampaging predator punks on the New York subways, and he was convicted of breaking some bizarre laws that encourage rampaging murderous punks. Meanwhile the rampaging punks got a break and were off on their merry way to continue their criminal lives.

This is good, how? Bernie is a criminal but the punks are not?

Welcome to the planet of the zombie apes flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

Luby’s cafeteria: gun-free zone. Columbine: gun-free zone. Virginia Tech: gun-free zone. Pearl, Mississippi: gun-free zone. New Jersey mall: gun-free zone. NW University: gun-free zone. Aurora, Colorado: gun-free zone. Pennsylvania Amish school: gun-free zone. Chicago: gun-free zone. NYC pizza parlor: gun-free zone. NYC McDonald’s: gun-free zone. L.A. McDonald’s: gun-free zone. Sandy Hook: gun-free zone. Maryland Navy Yard: gun-free zone. Arkansas recruitment center: gun-free zone. Fort Hood: gun-free zone. Paris, France: gun-free zone. Toronto, Canada: gun-free zone. Charleston church: gun-free zone. Chattanooga recruitment center: gun-free zone. Umpqua Community College: gun-free zone.

What sort of blind, uncaring idiot fails to admit to the pattern here? Insanity is pandemic when a society continues to repeat the same thing over and over again and again and have the life destroying audacity not only to expect different results, but to actually push for more of the same and increase the conditions resulting in yet more massive loss of life.

I don’t recognize my fellow human beings who are so callous, so dishonest, so drunk on political correctness and denial as to ignore this self-imposed death wish upon their fellow Americans.

Here’s the answer. Quit acting like helpless sheep afraid of a simple tool. Get a damn handgun. Practice with it. Train with it. Learn to carry it hidden and discreetly. And when attacked by a bear or cougar, don’t “try to look big” – just shoot the damn thing.

If someone is approaching you with the intent to do grave bodily harm, and you will know it when it happens, try to escape to the best of your ability, but if there is no escape, pull out your weapon and aim for center mass and start shooting. Keep on shooting until you believe the threat to be over.

Then retreat to the best of your ability while paying extremely close attention to your surroundings to be sure there is no other threat, call 911 for official and medical assistance, return your firearm to concealment if you are confident the threat is over, and greet the arriving police with your hands fully visible as you explain how you defended your life.

Do not hide under tables of chairs. Do not comply with the directions from the perpetrator.

If you believe and know in your heart that your life is worth defending and you live in a state or city where it is illegal, join the NRA and fight with all you have to get your right to keep and bear arms back. If you don’t get this lifesaving right back, move to a state that does not infringe.

Do not vote for Democrats ever again, and educate everyone you know how they are destroying America. Vote Republican and send a message that we the people are in charge of our lives, and our American Dream is defined by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments.

Disarmed and helpless is an irresponsible, suicidal choice that will get you killed. Defend yourself.