The Fine Tuning of Archery Never Ends

July 26, 2018 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I shoot arrows. I shoot a lot of arrows. I shoot a lot of arrows all the time. I love shooting arrows. I’ve been shooting arrows for more than 67 years! The mystical flight of the arrow turns me on and is good for you. I think I may very well have a chronic arrow addiction and I like it!

Full-on concentration archery immersion takes us far, far away to a much better place and is good for the mind, heart, body, spirit, soul and psyche. When done properly with genuine Zen, Samurai dedication, life is better lived and fulfilled. Gungho archery epitomizes the physics of spirituality.

Being that as it may, for this old arrow flinging bulls-eye addicted backstrapper, the archery and life battlecry of upgrade never ends.


As I throttle relentlessly across America on the most intense and fun sonic bombast, high energy rock-n-roll tour of my life, I have a funny feeling that immersing myself in archery in between my hyper rockouts may very well play a more important, powerful and essential diversionary tactic quality of life role for this old guitarjockey than it does for your average unsuspecting citizen.

I’m talking life and death here pilgrims!

I’m just sayin!

It truly is an out of body miracle transformation when me and my Mathews Triax come to fulldraw each day on my 3D Morrell targetrange.

You have no idea how totally consuming my killer music can be when performing with my amazing band each night. Getting the nightly orgy of outrageous crescendos to fade away is simply impossible.

I am here to tell you that that is why so many musicians succumb to the suicidal foolishness of drugs and alcohol in a mad scramble feeble attempt to get the music to just stop!

Thank God almighty that archery, bowhunting and the Great Spirit of the Wild outdoor lifestyle became my drug of choice shortly after birth!

It became clearly apparent early on in my over the top chaotic rock-n-roll life just how calming and cleansing my bow and arrow was for me. I’ve always created and performed the most intense, forehead vein popping, insane driving music known to mankind, and it would surely take an equally powerful force to counter and neutralize it.

I also firmly believe that this gungho level of concentration would benefit every archer alive as I have witnessed such intense focus from the world’s greatest archers and bowhunters I have known.

We have all heard of The Zone; that place of virtual focus so critical for absolute excellence in all sports, but according to the Olympic archery champions and top-notch target and 3D archery champs, there is simply no Plan B.

Next time you grab your bow, initiate and cultivate a deep, total mental state that takes you into a zone like never before. I swear to God we all have a mental arsenal at our disposal that is mostly untapped, and when genuinely pursued and expanded, can and will produce astonishing results and upgrades in accuracy and consistency.

It is a matter of mentally blocking out everything else in life. EVERYTHING!

The masters will tell you that when an archer discovers how to apply their deepest, innermost powers of mind over matter, a near trance-like experience can be manipulated to actually become one with the path of our arrow, every arrow.

Not everybody desires such depth of concentration and accomplishment, but I am here to tell you, it can be done and it feels really, really amazing!

As a teenager way back in 1968 I authored and recorded a killer hit song titled Journey To The Center of the Mind with my band The Amboy Dukes. I didn’t make the connection then but now know how we all should indeed make that journey deep into our mental adventure zone to discover heretofore uncharted intellectual territory.

In the always exciting world of archery, such introspect will bring serious upgrade and hence, arrow happiness. Go there! It is a wonderful trip!

You can do it! Be one with the arrow! It will serve you well when the magic hunting season arrives.