The Future of Hunting Is in Our Hands

September 13, 2018 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

The air sure feels special right now as September throttles forward into huntseason 2018! Good Lord am I ever ready to ROCK the best season of my life!

Ever the eternal optimist, I feel nothing but positive energy and excitement from all my hunting buddies who feel the same as I do. The spirit is beautifully wild and we just know in our predator hearts that the sacred backstraps will indeed flow like God meant them to!

I have read and heard way too many reports and horror stories that stink of a bleak doomsday prognosis for our beloved outdoor sports and hunting heritage, and I don’t like it.

There are many negative and destructive dynamics at play here but I am absolutely convinced they are all reversable and fixable if more of us who truly love this lifestyle will turn up the heat and fight against this nasty culture war more intensely focused and more aggressively.

I know all about the much-touted exodus away from the land and nature from rural to urban America following the industrial revolution, but I know damn well that most families still seek the soul cleansing solace and healing powers of nature and the great outdoors.

I know all about the desouling of so many Americans by the nasty propaganda ministry of the fakenews media siding with the evil animal rights scammers, but everybody still loves a slab and a haunch on the grill and there is no more natural, nutritious, organic and environmentally friendly than wild game for the dinner table.

I know all about the zombie inducing brain addling scourge of the couch addicted technology generation, but know for certain how it can be reversed overnight once properly exposed to the joys of the shooting sports and the healing power of hands-on participatory nature.

I know all about the infestation of anti-hunters into so many state game bureaucracies but more and more Americans are waking up to the runaway criminal abuse of power and corruption in our many shameless government agencies and are increasing our awareness and willingness to stand up, expose, fight and oust them as we drain the swamps within.

I know all about the insanity and absurdity of so many nonsensical arbitrary state game regulations, rules and laws that drive hunters out of our sport and scare new potential hunters away, but am also aware of more and more sporters fighting harder to rid the rulebooks of such counterproductive anti-science, anti-freedom nonsense.

I know all about the pure rot being shoved down the throats of our children by an academia clueless to the realities of nature but see more and more parents getting involved and reversing this runaway anti-education indoctrination.

I am also very aware of the increasing positive trend by so many young people to honestly identify the true tooth fang and claw aspects of real nature and the move to be organic and closer to the mother earth.

I salute the various sporting organizations that have awaken to the critical need to halt the attrition in our hunting ranks and diligently pursue recruitment and mentorship.

I personally know many hunters who go way out of their way to introduce and mentor new sporters to the joys of our outdoor lifestyle and am convinced that we are making a difference.

As our glorious hunting season 2018 kicks off, let us all increase our efforts to take our friends, neighbors, coworkers and extended family member to the range to feel the thrill of aim small miss small firearms and archery discipline and fun.

Let’s do everything we can to get as many new people into the woods, fields and waters of America to unleash and celebrate the purest of instincts to connect and function as nature participants.

Doing so will fortify the future of conservation, wildlife and wildlife habitat, the greatest sport in the world and ultimately cleanse souls with nature as healer for all that ails the world.

I encourage all my Spirit BloodBrothers across the land to visit to become a part of this new powerful force for hunters’ rights to stomp the lies and deceit of political correctness and crush the ignorant forces against our beloved outdoor lifestyle.

Nothing celebrates the perfection of God, family and country like the outdoor lifestyle and now is the time to turn up the heat like never before to secure the future of our natural role in God’s creation.

I am convinced that is the missing link for our victory against the negative forces against us. I hope you all are ready to be a warrior for real freedom in America and beyond!

Happy huntseason 2018 to all! Hunt and fight like you mean it!