The Great Balancing Act

June 21, 2021 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Like pretty much every day of my life, I spent most of today walking and wandering in, on and about some wonderful, healthy, soul cleansing wildlife habitat wildground.

As summertime throttles onward and we dream of cool October days, I continue to seek, absorb and cherish new lessons of the wild that not only bring me much immediate gratification and powerful sense of belonging, but also a constant reminder of God’s miraculous nature creation, and most importantly, our moral, intellectual and spiritual obligation to take good care of His precious gift.

Natural resource stewards unite

Having just celebrated my 73rd renewal of another springtime, now summer shows us how perfect the four seasons are in the big scheme of life.

Fawns are dropping everywhere, young birds are chirping hungrily from their nests, baby rabbits and squirrels scurry about, wild hen turkeys are parading the swamp edges teaching the armies of new poults the ways of the wild, baby ducks swim amongst the reedgrass, turtles are squirting eggs into their makeshift nests and the bluegills are going nuts protecting their beds while providing us fishermen some of the best, most delicious natural protein to be had.

Crops are emerging, foodplots are growing green, trees are budding, wild leeks, mushrooms and asparagus can be found and the magical faze-two of another year brings on the miracle of life all around us once again.

Lord have mercy! To quote the great James Brown; I feel good!

As hunters we know very well why nature remains healthy and productive, for like hard working ranchers and farmers, we are the hands-on, boots-on-the-ground, eye-witness, down-to-earth, grounded environmental army monitoring our beloved woods, waters, forests, swamps, mountains and gamegrounds.

We ritualistically and conscientiously remain connected to Mother Earth better than anyone else having again harvested the surplus last fall and winter to make room for all these renewable crops. It’s all so simple, even guitarplayers can figure it out pretty quickly.

Overfishing a body of water is no worse than underfishing it. So much water can only support so much life, and with inadequate annual harvest, it won’t take long for a massive die off to occur if the population growth overruns the habitat carrying capacity of that body of water.

That same, simple, basic science applies to every inch of planet earth, and it takes a foolish, selfish and grossly irresponsible amount of denial to hide from such a glaring, ubiquitous fact of life.

In my daily communication on social media and elsewhere, it is refreshing to witness so many nonhunters who already know and respect this basic science, and also tend to celebrate it with us hunters as well.

I sure wish our hunting industry better understood the essentiality of simple public relations in order to better educate the public to support and join us in this incredibly beneficial resource stewardship function for a better, healthier environment overall.

Polls have forever indicated that the majority of people grasp this simple scientific reality and overall support our hunting lifestyle. It is fortunate that only a very vociferous, lunatic fringe that clings mindlessly to the anti-hunting lie.

Tragically that embarrassing minority controls much of government, the vast majority of the propaganda ministry media, most academia and the comfortably numb, soulless psychopaths in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, those of us who know and actually participate in this perfect conservation lifestyle should go above and beyond our call of duty to get this goodword out there far and wide beyond the choir.

I have joined up with an army of smart, proud hunting families across America at the Hunter Nation Foundation ( who understand and grasp this PR responsibility more than all the other alphabet soup conservation organizations combined.

Please step out of the status quo stranglehold and join us at to galvanize a broad spectrum of America to support and celebrate why and how we accomplish a balanced environment every hunting season.

They sure don’t teach this in our failed education system, and the government, bigtech goons, fakenews media and failed academia are doing all they can to brainwash everyone to just the opposite.

Balance is only accomplished through sound science, sustain yield annual surplus harvest. Share it loud and proud from every mountaintop. Teach the world to thank a hunter for clean air, soil and water and our amazing thriving wildlife in North America.

The sacred venison on my grill manifests the ultimate balancing act on every meaningful level for ultimate quality of life.

Check us out at to join the truth army.