The Music Makes Him Do It: An Exclusive Interview!

November 15, 2018 | « back

By Ruben Mosqueda (

Ted Nugent the ‘Motor City Madman’ as he’s often referred to, took time from his busy schedule [hunting as he says in this interview] to chat with Over the course of his career Nugent has sold more than forty million albums and performed over 6,500 shows.

Ted Nugent has a new album due on November 9th titled The Music Made Me Do It, his follow up to the 2014 release Shutupandjam! He has added a nice bonus to the first pressing of the new album—A live concert DVD Live At Freedom Hill, featuring his current rhythm section bassist Greg Smith and drummer Jason Hartless. As a friend said, “Just wind him up and watch him go!” I did just that and Nugent exploded as if he had been fired out of a cannon. As I hung up the phone, a three point buck sprinted across the field in front of my house. Nugent released an album titled Spirit of The Wild, did he not?

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