May 18, 2016 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

NO VACANCY! No room at the inn! FullUp! I’m sorry, we are plum overloaded here, you will have to find somewhere else to live.

With more deer, cougar, bear, wild turkey, geese and other game in North America than ever in recorded history, the expansive wildlife habitat across the land is filled to the max with every critter it can possibly support.

There simply is No Vacancy!

Even elk, bison and in some regions, moose, wild sheep and pronghorn are currently in numbers better than in more than 100 years. I am convinced that these are indeed the good old days of hunting in America.

There is, in reality, no place in North America that can handle any more deer, elk, bison, cougar or most game critters. The habitat is literally full-up.

This past season I had the best dove hunting, squirrel hunting, waterfowl hunting, deerhunting and bear hunting I have had in more than 60 years of chasing critters. I had so much fun I could hardly stand myself!

As I gear up for my Sonic Baptizm tour across America all summer long preparing to perform my 6,574th concert, I have to come to grips with the fact that I won’t be able to hunt with my beloved dogs every day for a while. I won’t be able to check my trapline every morning, hunt hogs, exotics and varmints, or take my daily walks in my sacred swamps and woodlands or commune with the precious wildlife that gives me so much life.

I certainly seek no pity, for the joys and excitement of playing my music every night to overzealous throngs of real honest to God American soulmusic lovers with the greatest musicians in the world is by no means a jail sentence! I swear to God, every song, every concert, every night is more thrilling than a cold NorthWest wind during the dark of the moon in early November in your favorite deer swamp.

Even when on tour rockin’ like animals six nights a week all summer, I am able to hub out of my Michigan cabin when in the Midwest and from our SpiritWild Ranch when in the south. So the dogs get a workout and I get to hunt, trap, fish and explore in between the flame throwing rockouts.

Oh the humanity!

But more importantly than living the wild life, I will for damn sure continue to earn my American hunting dream by celebrating and promoting this perfect hands-on wildlife lifestyle every day no matter what.

One of the most effective battlecries for educating people about our amazing sustain yield wildlife management success story is the words No Vacancy!

If you are not joining the runaway truth-logic-commonsense-nature-science-reality party at my, you need to pull up a stump and get it on with my many millions of SpiritWild BloodBrothers that know, live, celebrate and promote the truth-logic-commonsense-nature-science-reality that defines our hunting/fishing/trapping conservation life.

When millions of us articulate the basic science of sustain-yield, habitat carrying capacity, real world science that drives the act of annually balancing our herds and critter populations, smart, educated people immediately grasp such simple logic and instantly become supporters of hunting.

And remember, we’re talking millions of people on facebook alone, daily!

Clearly, the lunatic fringe runs amok and oftentimes there is little if no hope for the terminally brainwashed sheep amongst us (I give you the zombies genuflecting at the Alter of Hillary and Bernie lies) but the evidence of honesty upgrade is inspiring and reassuring that raising hell and defying the status quo is indeed the answer to the mindlessness of the anti-hunting, anti-nature culture war goons.

On tour for 65 days through the summer of 2016, like every summer since around 1962, I will again conduct media interviews on a daily basis where I always weave in the perfection of the soul cleansing, ecologically sound, environmentally beneficial hunting lifestyle.

Someone once estimated that on an average summer tour, I provide somewhere in the billions of dollars of media time if it were purchased at the going rates versus my simply providing it.

Precious ain’t it.

So join the wildlife warriors out here with the tried and true and proven battlecry of No Vacancy! But don’t wait for someone else to bring it up. It is up to all of us who know and live the truth to initiate this dialog, especially in the year of our Lord 2016, when in November, the life and death future of America will be determined by whether America votes for truth and commonsense, or the embarrassing fundamental transformation deathwish we have allowed for far too long!

NO VACANCY! Say it loud and proud and often!