The real danger to kids this summer (it’s not guns)

May 13, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Oh the humanity! Where is the hue and cry that something must be done?

Where is the presidential commission headed by “Say It Ain’t So” Joe Biden?

Where is Michael Moore and other hyperventilating leftists?

Following the heartbreaking tragedy in Newtown, President Obama wrote: “If even one child’s life can be saved, then we need to act. Now is the time to do the right thing for our children, our communities and the country we love.”

He’s issued no such statement regarding this current national tragedy even though many of the victims are wide-eyed, innocent kids under 5 years of age.

What we have is a predictable national epidemic, and something should, no, must be done, and surely only the lumbering, fumbling, inefficient, brutally expensive Fedzilla can fix it.

The annual season of slaughter is upon us: backyard swimming pools.

Roughly, 3,500 Americans will drown this year, equaling around 10 deaths per day. Many of the victims are young, innocent boys and girls.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, drowning is the leading cause of death for kids 1-4 years old and is the second-leading cause of unintentional deaths for kids 1-14 years old.

As many as 5,000 kids 14 years old and younger are hospitalized each year due to drowning-related incidents, 20 percent of whom suffer lifelong neurological disabilities.

Wow. And Mr. Obama has worked overtime to convince Americans that kids are being slaughtered with guns.

The truth shall never set Mr. Obama and his anti-freedom cohorts free. That would mean facts matter. Facts, truth and body counts do not matter to the anti-gun crowd. In fact, facts are the enemy to their scamming agenda.

The Big Lie about guns is that innocent kids are being gunned down or are accidentally shooting each other. Compared to drowning, gun-related deaths don’t even register.

The Big Lie is just that – a lie.

Indeed, some kids do die in gun-related deaths, mostly in the president’s old stomping grounds of Chicago. However, very few kids under the age of 10 die or are injured as a result of gun-related accidents.

The vast majority of teenagers who die as a result of guns are involved in gangs. They are punks, thugs and street rats who have dropped out of school and let out of their cages over and over again by a so-called “justice system” gone bad.

Hyperbole aside, I don’t advocate banning, restricting or imposing other nonsense rules and requirements on those who own backyard swimming pools.

Truth is, however, many more kids will drown this year than accidentally die as a result of guns, and anyone who truly cares about saving children wouldn’t go for saving fewer instead of saving more – unless, of course, the claimant is a scam artist with a dishonest political agenda.

The even uglier truth is that if liberals and their lapdog media pawns ever set their sights on backyard pools, backyard pools will go the way of lawn darts.

Parents have the ultimate responsibility to keep their kids safe from harm whether that be in swimming pools, securing their kids properly in cars, or when handling various tools, including guns. Turning this responsibility over to Fedzilla may make some intellectual softballs feel good, but it will do nothing to actually protect any kids from harm.

Sadly, kids are going to die and be injured this year as a result of drowning. Many of them will die or be injured because their parents will not being doing their No. 1 job: ensuring the safety of their kids. Parents should be extra vigilant with kids and water. Pay attention, parents. Stay on point.

If this column saves just one life, then it has served its purpose. As President Obama wrote: Now is the time to do the right thing for our children, our communities and the country we love.

Facts still matter to those of us addicted to truth, logic and common sense. We’re not nearly as dumb and naïve as many in government either wish us to be or believe us to be.

Guns don’t kill kids, and neither does water.