The Season Ends, The Season Begins

February 28, 2019 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

February 28, 2019! Are you kidding me! It’s over! Are you telling me it’s over? The end! Finis! Terminus backstrapology! Bye-bye baby! Adios MoFo! See ya! So long! It’s over Rover!

With tears streaming down my face, a lumpy gulp in my throat and a broken heart, my emotions got the best of me as I say; “adios deerseason 2018-2019, you were the best ever!”

The amazing Texas whitetail season throttles effervescently from October 1 thereabouts to the 1st day of March for landowners enrolled in the wonderful Managed Land Deer Permit system, where landowners determine our own bag limits and hunting methodologies. Which of course is why the best deerhunting on planet earth is in Texas, for everyone knows government bureaucrats are no match for the boots-on-the-ground passion, knowledge, capabilities and wisdom of free American earthly stewards.

Just sayin!

No really, it was the best ever, and maybe I exaggerate a bit about tears and a broken heart, but I nonetheless get a bit melancholy as I say good-bye to another magical, thrilling deerseason in America.

I swear to God I can close my eyes anytime I wish (except when driving) and relive every stimulating, invigorating day afield; see, hear, smell and taste every moment, every wonderful sensation and pulsation in my sacred woods, swamps, fields, forests and bailiwicks.

I remember every weather condition, every wind direction, every critter encounter from songbirds to gophers, waterfowl to squirrels, woodchucks to deer and everything in between.

I live each and every mystical flight of my every arrow as if I am a computer generated digital graphic riding the shaft into the wind and to its final resting place, passing through the numerous pumpstations of all those majestic creatures I got lucky on.

Each day’s hunt was a soul cleansing escape from the crazy world around us, straight into the ether of neverland, where God’s miraculous creation calls me and welcomes me and my bow and arrows.

As much as I am inclined to dwell on the unlimited spectacles of another grand deerseason gone by, what I am actually obsessed with at this time is preparing for the upcoming fall/winter huntseason 2019-2020.

And oh Lord is it ever gonna be a doozy! I just know it!

We are already methodically taking down our Primos Double Bull blinds to store away for the year, loosening the straps and cables on all our many ladderstands and treestands, sweeping out and weatherproofing and bugproofing all our Shadow Hunter permanent blinds, and basically stepping back for a serious review of possible upgrades and strategies for the much-anticipated season to come.

I already have many ideas about repositioning numerous stands for advantageous ambushing and will mark my topographical satellite maps accordingly.

My three life calling pivot points are September 1st 2019, which is on a Sunday, October 1st is on a Tuesday and November 15 falls on a very positive Friday.

Now, we all must admit that life goes on and man does not live by backstraps alone. That being said, I also know for a fact that I am not alone in my gungho, over the top, radical, extreme Gonzo addiction to deerhunting and that there is a whole dedicated army of us out here already peeking at our September, October, November, December and January calendars, drooling at the prospects of what next season will certainly bring.

I will once again hit the fiery rock-n-roll road this summer having the musical time of my life. There is plenty to keep working hard playing hard Americans busy as can be throughout the year.

But there is something very powerful about the purity of our primal predator scream that just accelerates the heartbeat a little harder and stronger than most other things in life, and I am here to celebrate it like I mean it.

Note too that even though the official deerseason has come to an end, plenty of arrows will fly on exciting hunts for hogs, bear, turkey, exotics, varmints, furbearers, bowfishing and assorted target critters as we bide our predator time on the way to the fall.

Do not underestimate the importance of yearlong planning in order to maximize the efficiency of our fall time in the deerwoods.

Constant practicing and training with our weapons of choice and critical scouting and exploring sessions in the wildgrounds year-round will go a long way to make us better hunters for when the season opens.

Never forget the lessons of last season, but don’t dwell on the past when it is indeed the future that glows the brightest if we plan and prepare intelligently.

There is much work to be done. Get out there every chance you can and celebrate the Great Spirit of the Wild all year long for the greatest hunting season of our lives that is right around the corner.

Come to our nonstop electro-campfire at my facebook page to join the hardcore BloodBrothers as we celebrate this perfect conservation lifestyle every day.