THE TED OFFENSIVE: An open letter to Jim Carrey

April 17, 2013 | « back
Exclusive: Ted Nugent whacks actor for ‘cheap, soulless and cowardly shot’ against hero
Welcome to the party, Mr. Carrey.
You’ve got every right to lampoon whomever you want, including one of mankind’s greatest and most courageous civil rights hero-warriors of all times, the deceased Charlton Heston.
However, when you dip your toe into the raging whitewater rapids of the culture war, be prepared for the consequences.
Irreverent humor provides me enormous quality of life, and as a big fan of Lenny Bruce, Sam Kinison and Richard Pryor (especially when he was on fire), my outrage comedy meter is red-lined on a daily basis for all the right reasons. But poking fun at a deceased man who lived an honorable life in order to express your pathetic anti-gun ignorance was a cheap, soulless and cowardly shot.
The facts, however interesting, appear to be lost on you, Michael Moore, Piers Morgan and others gagged by the curse of denial when it comes to the self-evident truth of the Second Amendment.
The misidentified “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines you despise and want to ban are rarely used in crimes. More people choke on Cheerios.
According to the FBI, in 2011 there were roughly 12,600 murders in America. All rifles, including so-called assault weapons, accounted for 360 murders. Four times as many people were stabbed to death than were killed with rifles. Clearly you and your ilk are not being honest about wanting to save lives.
You may have noticed by living in the Los Angeles area that the thugs who are killing each other on L.A.’s streets do not use so-called assault weapons.
Banning certain firearms may make you feel good, but it will do nothing to reduce the violence on America’s streets or save any lives.
There’s a huge chasm between feeling good and actually doing good, and it never includes comedic schtick.
Reducing violence is a complex problem, but advocating limiting the freedoms of law-abiding citizens is clearly the wrong first move.
I’m routinely asked why I need a so-called assault weapon. That’s easy: I want a dozen or so and don’t believe I need to justify my pursuit of a constitutionally guaranteed freedom to anyone.
These utilitarian weapons are incredibly fun to shoot, standard competition arms, an excellent choice for self-defense and are superb big game hunting and varmint control instruments.
While so-called assault weapons may look like military guns, they are not military assault rifles. This rudimentary fact has been intentionally confused or ignored by people who want to ban these weapons.
Millions of Americans like me own the very weapons and high-capacity magazines you despise. Our guns and high-capacity magazines will never hurt anyone.
That’s what makes gun owners and the NRA very suspicious of gun-grabbers like you and the president’s team. We know your focus is wrong and punishes millions of law-abiding Americans who have done nothing wrong. There’s nothing funny about that.
To believe that somehow banning a type of gun will make Americans safer from psychotics hell-bent on mass murder is bizzaro logic that does not pass the common-sense test.
The warning signs couldn’t have been any bolder regarding the psychotic punk who killed those attending the movie in Colorado, the psycho who killed those kids and their teachers in Connecticut, or the bug-eyed psychotic who killed the people at Congresswoman Giffords’ event in Arizona.
We willfully chose to ignore these blatant warning signs and do nothing about them, except to ultimately blame the NRA.
Ignoring such glaring warning signs is analogous to seeing a coiled rattlesnake and choosing to step on it in hopes that it won’t bite. And then when it does strike, people such as yourself blame the boots you are wearing.
If you want to make America safer from these obvious psychotics, we need to get them off the streets and into secured facilities.
Additionally, we need to slam shut the revolving door of our so-called criminal justice system that daily releases recidivistic violent thugs on America’s streets.
Just a thought, but Mr. Obama and his Department of Justice might want to consider once again prosecuting federal gun crimes, the rate of which are substantially down in this administration.
These measures would actually accomplish something and wouldn’t punish law-abiding citizens or make them victims.
The facts are in: Gun control in America, just like in Canada and elsewhere,is an abject failure as a crime-control measure. We have over 20,000 local, state and national gun control laws in America. To think that passing another couple of laws or restrictions is going to somehow prevent another massacre and make America safe is pure folly.
The NRA, of which I’m a proud lifer and Board of Director member, stands for freedom and will stand in the way of anti-freedom gun-grabbers who want to feel good but won’t accomplish anything to make America safer.
As ugly and demeaning as it was, I wholeheartedly support your First Amendment right to spew your anti-gun views and use the deceased Mr. Heston as your prop.
I also support the Second Amendment freedoms that millions of Americans enjoy. I have and will continue to vigorously support this constitutionally guaranteed freedom.