THE TED OFFENSIVE: Never met a racist – but I seen them on TV

July 25, 2013 | « back

Exclusive: Ted Nugent calls on blacks to be honest about facts of Trayvon case

As I celebrate the greatest R&B rocktour of my gravity defying career, the Ted Nugent Black Power Tour 2013, paying homage and gushing love every night for the black musical geniuses that inspire all great music, like I have for more than 50 years, it pains me deeply to see the return of such nasty, unnecessary racism erupting across America today.

And before the racism scam industry unleashes their predictable, soulless lying hatred at me, my musicians include my dear black friend Johnny Gunnel and Marco Mendoza, a Mexican-born American. For like everybody I have ever known, and the George Zimmerman family as well I believe, there does not exist a racist fiber in the bones of any Nugent or Nugent associate. Not by any stretch of the imagination, contrary to the real racists out there. I have never met a racist, but I see and hear them on TV all the time, more and more lately.

So shut up for two minutes and pay attention.

I and so many others have shared the irrefutable evidence ad nauseum regarding the proven conclusion of the Zimmerman jury – that George Zimmerman acted in pure, lawful self-defense when he stopped Trayvon Martin from killing him with repeated, damaging, vicious blows to the face and head while slamming his skull to the concrete, a level of violence that all educated people know could have killed Zimmerman.

The first step toward genuine healing for the denial-riddled hysterical black community would be to admit that George Zimmerman was indeed getting his “a– whooped” by an angry, violent, wildly overreacting young man, and that Trayvon Martin was not an innocent child. You must admit this, or you will only continue to make things worse.

All thinking, caring Americans pray for the Martin family and the Zimmerman family, too. There are no winners in such a tragic situation where someone loses his life and another is wrongly accused of murder. If you are sincere in your quest for closure and healing, then being honest about the entire incident is essential.

The only good that can come from this tragedy is to learn every lesson possible, adjust behavior and dedicate ourselves as a nation to do all in our power to keep it from happening ever again.

Note that “neighbor watch” activities are a good thing. Who could possibly find fault with neighbors helping neighborhoods making things safer? George Zimmerman was doing good, nothing wrong or illegal. Quit lying otherwise to yourselves.

We all know that Trayvon was minding his own business and only walking to his father’s home. But why would he viciously attack George Zimmerman? Why wasn’t Trayvon educated and raised to simply approach someone he wasn’t sure about and politely ask what was going on and explain he was headed home? Had he, I am confident that Zimmerman would have called off the authorities and everything would have been fine.

Why the nasty “creepy a– cracker” racism and impulse to attack? Where does this come from? Is it the same mindless tendency to violence we see in black communities across America, most heartbreakingly in Chicago pretty much every day of the week? Where does this come from? And why is it so prevalent?

And you, Mr. Attorney General, you actually don’t know the difference between lawful self-defense gun use and the slaughter of gangbangers in gun-free zones? Really?

And you told your son what? That racist oppression still exists in an America with a black president, a black attorney general, black mayors, black governors, black congressmen, black senators, black supreme court justices, black heroes, black generals, black sheriffs, black state police commanders, black chiefs of police, black television networks, blacks-only colleges, black history months, some of the most successful, respected and riches people in America being black?

Did you mention to your son that Trayvon Martin was known to abuse substances, which most likely precipitated mental failings fogging responsible decision-making? Did you explain to your son that attacking people is never the right thing to do?

Did you mention that the No. 1 cause of death for black men is being shot and killed by other black men? I know it is very, very difficult to deal with, a tragic heartbreaking reality for all of us. I sure wish you and other black leaders would help bring an end to this self-inflicted horror. Know that my family and everyone I know is ready willing and able to help in any and every way possible.

Did you happen to mention that the misguided, I believe racist prosecution team’s prime witness, one Rachel Jeantel, displayed pretty much every self-inflicted bad choice that really oppresses blacks?

Obesity is also a major cause of death for blacks. That no one disciplined Rachel to get the most basic education to be able to read or speak clearly is the root of unemployment for blacks.

How about that she admitted racist terms are “cultural” in the lives of young blacks? Is anybody informing them that this is wrong and dangerous?

I could go on and on, but I’ve got a concert tonight paying tribute to James Brown, Wilson Picket, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Motown and the mighty Funkbrothers. I will be surrounded by my band, crew, family and friends, all of whom have jobs, healthy bodies, are well-educated and extremely hard workers, don’t belong to gangs, care deeply about being the best that they can be and are willing to help and love everybody, including our black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian and every other color and ethnicity there is.

The recipe to total happiness and success is not a mystery and is not off-limits to anyone due to color, ethnicity, religion or any other trait. We judge everyone based on the content of their heart, not the color of their skin. Well, except my black heroes. Black guys just have more soul.