THE TED OFFENSIVE: Stupidity: America’s greatest health hazard

June 27, 2013 | « back

Exclusive: Ted Nugent blasts ‘Fedzilla’ for enabling populace to remain ‘lazy and dumb’

Now that the American Medical Association (AMA) has wrongfully labeled obesity as a disease, the AMA may as well categorize as such our most troubling, chronic, widespread and debilitating self-inflicted ailment of choice: stupidity.

What once was one of America’s most respected medical institutions, the AMA has been afflicted with the stupid disease and has torpedoed its reputation with a single decision.

Don’t be surprised if next week the AMA recommends we drink eight ounces of warm hotdog water each day to improve our health.

Smart Americans hanging tenaciously to the last vestiges of common sense will view all future AMA statements and claims with a suspicious eye, as they know that Americans with too much blubber around their waists got that way due to choosing to mindlessly pile fatty foods into their hands and shoveling massive quantities into their pieholes.

Those obese Americans who are honest know that they got that way from eating too much fatty food and getting too little, if any, exercise. Eating too much and exercising too little is not a disease. It’s a lazy, nasty, unhealthy choice. So is stupidity.

Stupidity afflicts upwards of 50 percent of Americans. While there is a cure for stupidity like there is for obesity, many Americans find it easier being lazy and dumb. They believe they are entitled to be comfortably dumb while having others pay for their stupidity. Fedzilla agrees with them and rewards them.

Chronic stupidity is killing our republic. The gravest problem our republic faces: Stupid people vote.

The Founding Fathers surely must have forgotten to include a provision in our Constitution to prohibit stupid people from voting, or maybe people back then were more informed and responsible and not as stupid as they are today.

Either way, Dr. Nuge recommends the AMA issue a press release recommending stupid people of all shapes and sizes stay home on Election Day and eat cartons of ice cream and bags of potato chips in front of their big screen televisions instead of voting.

Our Founding Fathers warned us not to be stupid and buy into the big-government boondoggle that is destroying America today. We didn’t listen to their advice. That was awfully stupid of us, and now we have idiots like Sens. Feinstein, Boxer, Reid and Schumer running the Fedzilla Express.

For decades stupid people have been conned into supporting stupid legislation by legislators whose goal is to get re-elected and not to do what is right with America. If you are wondering why the country is trillions of dollars in debt, the reason is rampant stupidity.

Too many stupid Americans have been conned into believing Fedzilla was the answer to all of our economic, social and health problems. Putting your faith in the world’s largest bureaucracy to solve anything is the most stupid thing this side of Michael Moore getting a documentary award for his bowling-for-logic comedy.

So now, a gaggle of stupid senators from both parties is trying to push some stupid immigration reform bill that, if signed into law, will ultimately make tens of millions of non-American criminals U.S. citizens. No matter what our elected officials tell us or promise us, our border will remain unsecured. It would be stupid to believe otherwise.

The Republicans who support making criminals citizens want cheap criminal labor. The Democrats want the criminal votes. Meanwhile, those Americans addicted to common sense will be strangled and drowned with insurmountable new debt due to the crushing demand by these “new” Americans on our social welfare system, which is already broke and unsustainable. The Fedzilla Express will flounder on.

Stupidity is our greatest national health hazard. Now, how about that glass of hot-dog water, Mr. President of stupidville?