THE TED OFFENSIVE: The buck never stops with Obama

June 27, 2013 | « back

Exclusive: Ted Nugent blasts ‘clueless’ president for refusing to take responsibility

Recognizing he was ultimately in charge and responsible as the accountable leader of the free world, President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that simply said, “The buck stops here.”

I’ve got one, too. All real leaders do.

If Mr. Obama had a sign on his desk, it would say: ”The buck never stops here. I’m clueless.”

You may have noticed that regardless of the numerous scandals plaguing his administration, our chief executive officer and former community ACORN organizer, Mr. Obama, has never said he is ultimately responsible or accountable for anything. Chicago schooled him well in the art of playing dirty politics.

Not only does he refuse to take any responsibility, Mr. Obama has refused to tell our gun-running attorney general to appoint an independent counsel to investigate the numerous scandals that are now derailing his presidency.

Even if Attorney General “Fast and Furious” Eric Holder appointed a so-called independent counsel, few in the country would believe the individual would be truly independent. The political fix is always with this bunch.

Instead, the American public is told by the supposedly most transparent administration in history that Fast & Furious was hatched by low-level personnel at the Phoenix Department of Justice office, that dragging their feet to approve conservative organizations as tax exempt was the result of an IRS office in Cincinnati, that the reason our embassy in Benghazi was attacked and four Americans killed was the result of an Internet video, no one knew anything about the DOJ monitoring the Associated Press, and that those Philadelphia Black Panthers weren’t really committing numerous felonies on film, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum.

In other words, the Obama administration believes the American people have the word “dunce” painted on our foreheads. They believe they can get away with anything.

In order to get at the truth of what really happened in Benghazi, who really authorized Fast & Furious, who authorized the delay in processing conservative tax-exempt organizations and who knew about it, who authorized the Benghazi lies that Ms. Rice spewed on the Sunday morning talk shows, etc., a truly independent truth demanding counsel with subpoena powers needs to be appointed.

And who is the only person who can appoint an independent counsel to investigate these scandals? Attorney General Holder, who, like his boss, also refuses to accept responsibility for anything.

In one of the dumber moves by the U.S. Congress, it gave up the responsibility to appoint independent counsels to the Department of Justice in 1999. Due to this thunderously dumb move, the fox now guards the hen house.

These scandals are potentially much larger than what Tricky Dicky was charged with back in 1974 when a young lawyer by the name of Hillary Clinton was on the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry staff. Interestingly, young Mrs. Clinton, stepchild of her America-hating hero, Saul Alinsky, was essentially fired from her position for unethical behavior. She should have been stripped of her law license.

Fast-forward 35 years or so, and Mrs. Clinton was our secretary of state when Benghazi occurred. Surely Mrs. Clinton would support an independent counsel to investigate the events that led to the deaths of four Americans on her watch. What say you, Mrs. Clinton? What difference would that make?

No one is affirming guilt by the Obama administration. What Americans want is the truth and for our politicians to accept responsibility and to be accountable.

The buck stopped with Harry Truman. No one knows where the buck stops with the Obama administration, and it is high time that we the people demand answers and accountability. Transparency has two meanings, and we can see clean through our government’s never-ending scams these days.