THE TED OFFENSIVE: The Philly Angel of Death

April 26, 2013 | « back

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One should be careful to dare draw parallels or analogies to Nazis, as the Nazis raised the evil bar to unspeakable heights in terms of human savagery and genocide.

However, every so often a story so savage, so cold, so sickening and so brutal comes along that the only comparison is to the Nazis who butchered 6 million Jews.

We haven’t heard much about this sickening story because the major media don’t want you to. This brutal, vicious and heartbreaking story doesn’t fit their agenda; in fact, is directly counter to their agenda.

The story is that a demonic mass-murdering machine is on trial in Philadelphia. He’s not your typical psychotic killer like the bug-eyed deranged mad men who slaughtered innocent Americans in a theater, on a shopping center parking lot and at a grade school. He is, however, equally as sick, twisted and evil.

The killing machine is a psycho who performed abortions and is now on trial for murder because he murdered babies born alive and then “snipped” their heads off.

This killer has a name, but he should be known as the Angel of Death after the infamous Nazi Josef Mengele who performed “experiments” on live humans and then killed them.

This Philly Angel of Death is charged with at least eight murders of live, helpless infants. He could face the death penalty and should if convicted. A snip of his spinal column would be in order.

What the Philly Angel of Death did will turn the stomachs of all Americans who have an ounce of compassion. But it hasn’t turned the stomachs of the major media who have a pro-abortion bias.

This is arguably the murder trial of the century, yet the nation’s major media have turned a blind eye to it because it doesn’t fit their pro-abortion/pro-women’s rights scam/agenda.

The major media know that if they covered the story honestly and reported on the savagery of the Angel of Death, it would cause many Americans to reel in shock and horror and become pro-life. The story is that vile, repugnant and disgusting. Google it.

But let’s hypothetically view the Philly Angel of Death through another lens.

Hypothetically, let’s say the Angel of Death used a so-called assault weapon and blew the heads off of a dozen or so newborn babies at his abortion clinic.

This would be the biggest story since 9/11. Major network reporters would be camped out in front of the courthouse 24/7 to cover the trial. It would be the media event of the century.

The major media would work double-overtime to try and convince Americans that restricting guns is the way forward to keep America safe from savage psychotics.

Talking heads and politicians would yammer incessantly that more gun control laws and restrictions need to be passed in order to save helpless little babies, that the availability of guns is largely to blame for violence in America.

Our staunchly pro-abortion president who voted for these “late term abortions” would call for “Say It Ain’t So” Joe Biden to lead another thinly veiled anti-violence commission that is really aimed at restricting the rights of law-abiding Americans to own guns.

All this would be because the major media hate guns and support abortion, regardless that the Angel of Death is literally on trial for murdering newborn babies.

Reasonable Americans know the major media lean hard left. This is why fewer and fewer Americans get their news from the once all-powerful Big Three. No one watches them or trusts them any more. The school of Dan Rather liberal-spin journalism is dead.

Look up the story of Philadelphia abortion murderer. Read it and then ask yourself: Why isn’t this the No. 1 story in America?

The reason is entrenched bias by the major media who are obsessed with providing cover for their hero president. Like their hero, they hate guns and support abortion. Shame on them. Shame on them all.