THE TED OFFENSIVE: Time to Stretch Neck of Jihadist Punk

April 26, 2013 | « back

Exclusive: Ted Nugent demands swift justice for ‘voodoo whack-job’

If the bombing, killings and maiming of Bostonians by the two voodoo whack-job jihadists in Boston isn’t maddening enough, the next tsunami of insults should drive any American addicted to common sense crazy.

The jihadist punk in custody is obviously guilty of committing murder, terrorist acts and a whole book of other crimes, but he won’t be brought to justice.

Justice is supposed to be swift. At least that’s how our Founding Fathers thought it should be.

Imagine if this jihadist punk had basically committed the same crimes 150 years ago. He would have been swinging from an oak tree in Boston Common no longer than 60 days from the date of his arrest. That would be justice.

But that won’t happen to this guilty voodoo vermin. If he’s ever executed, it will be many years from now after our so-called justice system goes through its strange eternal, time-wasting, court-and-lawyer maneuvers from hell. The ugly truth is that by the time this voodoo punk is executed, America will probably have had to deal with any number of other bombings and killings by other voodoo nuts.

He probably won’t go to trial for more than a year due to court-sanctioned delays. Once he’s found guilty, he will be afforded any number of appeals that will take more years, possibly more than a decade. The young voodoo nut has got a long life in front of him, thanks to America’s screwed-up justice system.

A perfect example of justice delayed is terminal voodoo mass murderer Nidal Malik Hasan, who killed 13 soldiers and wounded 32 others at Fort Hood in 2009. Allahu Akbar, my ass.

This voodoo punk’s trial is finally set to begin on May 29 of this year – almost four long years after he shouted “Allahu Akbar” and began his voodoo-inspired rampage in yet another gun-free zone.

This four-year dastardly delay to bring this guilty punk to justice is damnable. What’s equally damnable is that our Defense Department categorizes his slaughter rampage as “workplace violence,” rather the overtly obvious act of voodoo terrorism that everyone knows it was. Workplace violence? Talk about spitting on the graves of our dead heroes.

Hasan is a voodoo terrorist who should have been the feature attraction at a neck-stretching party on the grounds of Fort Hood years ago. I would have supplied the rope, the lumber for the gallows and gladly pulled the hatch on this soulless rabid dog.

There is no excuse for constant delays and years of appeals when there is overwhelming and obvious guilt.

This isn’t justice – it’s a joke.

Justice occurred in 1865 when the all the conspirators who assisted John Wilkes Booth in assassinating President Lincoln had their necks stretched less than three months after Booth killed President Lincoln.

Had our modern system of justice been in play in 1865, Booth’s conspirators would have died in prison of old age instead of having their necks properly stretched.

There is nothing swift or just about our justice system. Turtles are speed demons compared to American jurisprudence, which has been hijacked by soulless lawyers and is being terrorized by years and years of intentionally engineered costly delays.

By the time the Boston voodoo punk’s trials, appeals and maneuvering are all exhausted and he’s finally sent to voodoo land, this legal charade will have cost the American taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. More unnecessary insults.

My dream of real justice would be a July 4 celebration of stringing this son-of-a-b-tch up in the Boston Common and letting the crows pick on his rotting flesh.

There will be no swift justice for the Boston voodoo punk. He’s got a long life ahead of him. How pathetic.