THE TED OFFENSIVE: Woo-hoo! State OK’s teachers with guns

March 25, 2013 | « back

Exclusive: Ted Nugent applauds South Dakota law that defies ‘leftist goons’

If you are addicted to common sense and logic, South Dakota should bring a smile to your face.

These sensible Americans just passed a law allowing teachers to carry weapons in school as a means to protect their students from terminal psychos hell-bent on committing mass murder.

This is good and further proof that all is not lost.

Allowing teachers to chose to carry a concealed weapon is the right way to go. While the NRA and common-sense Americans support putting armed guards in schools, for those districts who can’t afford an armed guard, allowing teachers to carry a concealed weapon is sound and wise policy.

The hand-wringing lefties are already protesting South Dakota’s law. They are claiming arming teachers will lead to accidental shootings and will make schools more dangerous.

As usual, they are wrong and hypocrites of the first degree. The D.C. school where the president’s daughters attend reportedly has 11 armed guards. Hey, if it’s good enough for the president’s kids, why isn’t it good enough for all schools?

Utah has permitted teachers to carry personal artillery for over a decade with not a single accidental shooting.

Hell, I’ve had unlimited access to unlimited firepower my entire 64 years and have been a rock-solid asset to my fellow man forever.

We heard the same hyper paranoid argument from the anti-gun crowd when states began passing concealed-carry laws. They and their left-leaning supporters in the media claimed this would lead to more violence, that there would be shoot-outs at stoplights, in shopping centers, blah blah blah. Of course, none of this has come to pass, and there are literally millions of Americans with concealed-carry permits. Like my good friend John Lott proved, “More guns equal less crime.” Duh.

The left has lied for decades about guns because they hate guns, despise the Second Amendment and blame the NRA families for crime and violence in our cities.

Truth is, it is the socialist stooges who are responsible for violence. It is their policies that prevent good guys from arming and protecting themselves and creates the big lie of “gun free” slaughter zones.

It isn’t just anti-gun leftist policies that have enabled thugs to breed and prosper. The violence on America’s streets is the result of a number of other leftist big-government policies that have worked to destroy families and entire communities by discouraging accountability and rewarding dangerous behavior.

That’s the turbo destructo modus operandi of the socialists: Intentionally destroy something and then claim the solution to fix it is always more government, more laws, more control and less freedom.

South Dakota is blessed not to have many of these socialist nutjobs running around and trying to ruin it like they have done in virtually every big city in America where gangland random violence is the status quo.

The question is: Do you want to protect school children or not?

South Dakota voted yes by allowing teachers to carry weapons. Had the left got their way, South Dakota kids would have been put at risk to a horrible Sandy Hook tragedy.

Indeed, South Dakota teachers who choose to carry should routinely practice with their weapons to ensure they are proficient with their guns. School districts should provide funds for teachers to purchase ammunition so they can routinely practice and train adequately.

I’ve got my own line of high-performance ammunition and gladly offer to provide ammunition for South Dakota school teachers’ training at reduced cost.

Good people want to protect our children. Leftist stooges want to create conditions for evil to flourish. They don’t care one bit about protecting kids.

Never trust leftist goons. They will put you and your children at risk to advance their socialist, anti-freedom agenda.