The WhackMaster Meets The Buckmaster

July 25, 2017 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

JackieBOkay pilgrims, we’re rockin’ fulltime across America like a jetstorm afire! It’s only July 20 for Nuge summer Rockout 2017 and we’ve already imprinted our fiery rock-n-roll vaportrail singe on thousands and thousands of real music lovers in 20 cities in eight states so far in the 1st six weeks and we’re not even warmed up yet.

Can I get a witness!

Performing my 6602nd concert in Montgomery Alabama last Sunday and scorching Nashville yesterday, we will unleash our ferocious animal breeding soundtrack fury on Merrillville, Indiana tonight then blitz onward across the hinterland nonstop to September.

It’s only rock-n-roll but we like it!

Cops, soldiers, teachers, farmers, ranchers, welders, carpenters, truck drivers, entrepreneurs and deerhunters of every imaginable walk of life and just great families hang backstage with their lovable Uncle Ted each and every night to shoot the breeze before and after every concert. No words can describe what an honor and how humbling it is to have such a connection with so many great Americans across the land all these years.

When I saw Montgomery Alabama in the crosshairs, I knew I had to reach out to everybody’s favorite Buckmaster, Jackie Bushman to see if we could get together for the day, and sure enough, old Jackie was home and ready to ROCK!

The Buckmaster picked me up at the airport where we were greeted by the ultimate welcoming committee of US Army warriors. The amazing soldiers sure made me feel welcome and at home and I sincerely thanked them for their service, dedication and sacrifices on behalf of a grateful nation.

I could not have asked for a more relaxing BloodBrother afternoon in preparation for the nightly Iron Man rockout, and Jackie and his beautiful daughter hosted a wonderful steak lunch at their remote hunting cabin in the wilds of Alabama deer country.

Not only has Jackie Bushman beat me by a month or two for having the longest running hunting show on TV since 1988, but he has won pretty much every award possible for his long career in the hunting TV industry.

He kicked off his Buckmasters club and magazine way back in 1986 and celebrates our beloved hunting lifestyle with more than 200,000 members.

His affable and down to earth personality is punctuated by his good deeds over the years having taken more than 8000 disabled Americans, 800 terminally ill kids and 400 wounded military heroes hunting and providing them with specialized adaptive gear to make memories they will never forget.

Producing one of America’s premier annual hunting expos every August in Montgomery Alabama, the donated canned goods they collect at the Buckmaster Classics and through his Buckmasters American Deer Foundation have fed more than 5 million hungry Americans over the years.

It is no wonder that Jackie was inducted into the Outdoors Hall of Fame.

The Buckmaster is a BloodBrother!

We explored his sacred home hunting grounds and discussed all the important topics on the minds of dedicated sporters across America. We agreed and concluded that self-evident truth, logic, commonsense and goodwill remains common and sensible to tuned-in Americans everywhere.

It was good to get to know Jackie Bushman as one of us. He is the real deal and solidly in the asset column of the hunting world, representing us accurately and honorably in the public eye with vim and vigor and passion.