May 21, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Just as birds are genetically programmed to fly south in the fall and my sons and I head for Alaska for our ritual spring father/son bear hunt and fishing trip, when the weather begins to warm up this time of year the urban gangsters increase their perpetual slaughter of other gangsters and innocents.

Again, on cue, this past Easter weekend in Chicago, eight people were killed and 44 more were wounded. As the Carpenter’s once sang: We’ve only just begun …

We can expect the Chicago “gun-free-zone” gangster-on-gangster carnage to continue throughout the summer and well into the fall. It happens year after year. I’m surprised that Las Vegas hasn’t developed a betting game to wager on how many gangster-related shootings will occur in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Newark, New Orleans, Philly, Compton, Oakland, etc. It’s a sure bet on all levels as long as denial goons like Rahm Emanuel and Mike Bloomberg continue to harass and infringe on law-abiding gun owners instead of looking into recidivistic gangsters.

The definition of insanity, anyone? How’s that goofy firearm owners ID card thing working out for ya all, Chicago?

Like a broken record, liberal excuse makers blame guns, gun manufacturers, bullets, magazines, the NRA and deer hunters for the gangster-related violence that plagues certain areas of our cities. They believe – or at least say they believe – that banning guns would reduce the carnage.

They are wrong. It never has and never will. It is a lie, and they know it.

Surprisingly, Mayor Rahm Emanuel had it just about right when, in response to the Easter mayhem, he said it’s not about what the cops can do to reduce the violence, but rather what parents can do to instill values in their children.

Whoa! Stop the presses!

So it has come to this: asking parents to instill basic values in their children. Does the mayor also tell Windy City parents not to feed their kids glass sandwiches for dinner?

The sad reality is that this is assuming that the parents of Windy City gangsters have or are aware of any redeemable values to pass on to their children or have the faintest idea that it is their job to do so.

Reality time: Their kids would not be in gangs in the first place if parents had performed their most basic parenting responsibilities.

The vast majority of gangsters have more than likely come from broken homes where fathers are as absent as a good report card. Roughly 70 percent of black kids are being raised by single parents. This is multi-generational cultural suicide, not a family value.

The vast majority of gangsters who shoot and kill each other have dropped out of school. In some urban areas, over 50 percent of black kids drop out of high school, thereby condemning themselves to a life of poverty and dependence, a prison cell or an early grave. This is not a redeemable family value.

Dependency on welfare breeds more dependency, which breeds more despair, hopelessness and anger. Too many gangsters have been raised in an environment where independence, a hard-core work ethic and rugged individualism are characteristics to be mocked and scorned instead of rewarded, encouraged and celebrated.

And what is the liberal Democrat answer? More dependency, more unearned handouts, more entitlements, more bribes for more votes for more hell.

If he were honest, Mayor Emanuel would have said that in order to reduce the gangster shootings and killings we need to reverse course on the liberal Democrat welfare juggernaut that has institutionally wreaked havoc on black families for the past 50 years.

Had the mayor been honest, forthright and brave, he could have quoted economist Walter Williams, an extraordinarily smart guy, who wrote, “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn’t do, what Jim Crow couldn’t do, what the harshest racism couldn’t do. And that is to destroy the black family.”

But Mayor Emanuel isn’t honest. He’s cunning, manipulative and deceitful, straight out of his fellow Chicagoan pal Obama’s blame-game playbook. He falsely places the blame for the violence on guns instead of focusing on the ridiculously obvious problem for all the bloody mayhem and chaos in the Windy City and other cities: liberalism, which has created lost and dependent generations for decades.

The Easter mayhem was the start of another year of cyclical violence, death and mayhem. The very values that need to be embraced to solve this annual cycle of death are anathema to big-government wonks like Emanuel.

Liberalism is the real killer, not guns. Only denial cultists believe otherwise.