Three Down Six To Go

March 30, 2018 | « back

by  Ted Nugent

Happy Easter everybody! What a great traditional family celebration of life renewed for sure, and we hope everybody finds lots of fun yummy Easter eggs with the kids and grandkids, don’t eat too much candy and chowdown on a succulent Easter ham or turkey surrounded by family and loved ones.

And of course we take to heart the very solemn religious celebrations that represent a very powerful spiritual moment of faith for the believers around the world.

As we look back on these first three months of 2018 and excitedly gaze into our deerhunting world of nature crystal ball for all the never-ending adventures ahead, I find it increasingly valuable to back off my current phenomenally intense firebreathing days of over the top rock-n-roll recording, come up for air and reminisce my deerhunting days from seasons past.

My killer band and I hurry into the studio every day for many nonstop hours ferociously slamming out deliriously throttling musical grinders; loud, fast, and quite honestly, downright scary at times. When you love the music like we do, each song literally takes on a life and energy of its own. When you are as dedicated to being one with the music as we are, the flow of the sounds, rhythms, grooves and arrangements actually occur and manifest out of body.

Even during brief breaks in the recording sessions, I am blessed beyond measure to able to close my eyes and relive every arrow on every deer I have ever taken. I see the sawgrass. I smell the forest. I hear the critters. I sense my increased heartbeat and I become the flight of the arrow all over again on its mystical path to the beast!

Zen. Stream of consciousness. At peace with the world, but not necessarily sounding like it!

The name of my new record says it all; The Music Made Me Do It!

It’s mighty damn exciting I am here to tell you, and so intensely powerful and all encompassing that it is no mystery why so many musicians fall prey to the temptations of drug and alcohol abuse. In the absence of genuine forethought and intellectually balanced prioritization, the pace and pressures can and do drive an inadequately prepared person over the edge.

Not me! In the studio with my arsenal of guitars and amplifiers, drums, a forest of microphones and recording gear, I also have my Mathews Triax bow, a quiver of Gold Tip arrows and a Morrell target.

Way back in the 1960s when I began recording and unleashing ballistically coefficient American soulmusic, I have always had a bow and arrow in the studio and on the road with me. When I use terms like “cleansing the soul” and “mystical flight of the arrow”, I ain’t kidding around!

My bow and arrow BloodBrother George Britton of Britton’s Archery in Tarpon Springs, Florida, is constantly reaching out to people who seek effective relief from everyday stress and weariness.

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, youth charities, military and law enforcement and 1st responder heroes, military charities, special needs kids and just all sorts of hard-working Americans that could use a little spirit of the wild calming and soul cleansing can always be found at George’s little archery range.

Citykids that had never handled a firearm or bow instantly fall in love with the aim small miss small focus and discipline of the shooting sports. And just like I have personally witnessed at our 29-year running Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity, there is no question that every human being, especially kids, will benefit from the mystical flight of the arrow escape!

So, my point is, that we have survived all the way through January, February and March of 2018, and to enhance the survival of the fittest demands of the crazy world around us getting crazier everyday, make it a priority in your life to grab that bow and arrow, friends and family, and get out there and cleanse the soul with this sport that we love as often as you possibly can.

Everybody in the asset column of America works hard and certainly needs to play hard. Go ahead, cleanse the soul!