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By: Ted Nugent

Journalism in America might not be dead, but it is flopping around in a severely wounded condition based on the rampant dishonesty, obfuscation and outright lying that’s going on. The examples of agenda-driven misreporting and blatant political catering are legion and painfully obvious to anyone paying even minimal attention, but out here on the frontlines of the culture war it is best described as truly bizarre and obscenely putrid.

Years ago when the stoned hippie “journalists” would write hateful personal attacks on me, masquerading as concert reviews, I just wrote it off as drug addled ineptitude and abject unprofessionalism. But after time, after reading their nonsense misnaming band members, listing songs not performed, putting quotation marks around words that were never uttered and claiming our performance was “dull” and “plodding” as we wrapped up our fifth sweat-soaked encore to an audience going absolutely berserk with maniacal applauding, stomping feet, 100 percent smiling faces and nonstop screaming appreciation for what was without question a phenomenal night of the highest energy, tightest, most exciting concert of their lives, I started to figure out that is was manipulative hate speech leveled at me because I was a hunter, or as these goofballs would describe, “murderer of innocent animals.”

But these 50-odd years later as I wrap up my greatest tour and 6,500th concert for real music lovers, the hate and dishonesty has taken on a life of its own, as so called “journalists” simply copy and paste wild and nasty, hateful accusations as factual headlines, failing at any attempt at basic journalism 101 to fact check or ask the accused to provide a retort.

I’ll never forget the front page headlines in the Houston Chronicle years ago that attributed a vicious quote to me, one provided by a protester from the “give me back my land” hate America group La Raza. They claimed I said, “All you stinking Mexicans should go back to where you came from.”

Having a video and audio tape of the entire concert proved no such words ever came out of my mouth, so after much pressure for justice and honesty, weeks later the paper finally retracted the front page headline with a one inch statement somewhere on a back page next to an escort service ad, or something like that.

Just for the record, on stage with me that tour was world-class virtuosos and dear friend Marco Mendoza, my Mexican-born 100 percent Mexican/American bassist.

Recently, in Wyoming, I spoke at the Bighorn Basin Tea Party gathering, and a review of the event was written in the local newspaper by a Tom Lawrence. As I have come to expect, it was full of lie after lie.

He wrote; “Nugent, who did not serve in the military and received at least two draft deferments before being deemed ‘not qualified for any military service’ …”

That’s a lie. I did not officially serve in the U.S. military for the simple reason my draft number never came up. I went in for my physical and received my draft card with a 1Y, which is not a deferment as many with a 1Y enrolled student designation were indeed drafted into service. I never received a second card and was never “not qualified for any military service.”

To the contrary, I was as fit a young man physical specimen as there was, but was never drafted. Period.

Tom Lawrence lied again when he falsely stated, “But Nugent’s tone during the approximately 90 minutes he was on stage was calmer than it has been in some of his other appearances in recent years.”

Though I cannot be certain, I do not believe Mr. Lawrence had ever witnessed any of my previous speaking engagements to compare this one to, which he would have had to be privy to in order to state such an assumption.

He is wrong. I’ve been to all my dozens and dozens of speeches, and this one was equal in tone, passion, articulation and theme. Reporting isn’t the same as presuming, Mr. Lawrence.

But in this day and age of dishonest journalism, nothing is quite as hateful as the accusation of racism, which much of the leftist media are guilty of over and over and over again whenever they find themselves void of substance.

Tom proved his lack of journalistic integrity when he dared print the hateful lie of Democrat Sergio Maldonado calling me “an avowed racist” – when all who know me know me as just the opposite.

To Sergio, my fulfilling my obligation as one of we the people demanding accountability from our elected employees represents “… lunatic antics and philosophy.”

I dare Sergio to debate me one on one, and we will clearly see who the real racist is and whose antics are loony. Bring it on, Sergio.

When a person is incapable of civil dialogue or respectful debate, they always hide behind the race card.

But when the president of the United States evidences pure racism based on color of skin instead of content of character, as he did in the Trayvon Martin debacle, our First Amendment abusing media are silent. Not a peep.

I will carry on with my First Amendment rights in my fight to expose the cockroaches, the abject criminal abuse of power and outrageous runaway corruption infesting our government and media. Sometimes in this sad culture war, harsh words are appropriate to identify vile, nasty conditions and violations, dishonesty and hate.

I don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Historical strategies have proven that in order to win such a war, sometimes you have to bring a howitzer to a wet-towel fight. Bring it.