Top 10 ways Democrats prove their insanity

January 20, 2016 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Insanity is not pretty. Never is. As we wade daily through the unholy quagmire of insanity as the new norm, those of us dedicated to never give up, never give in, never back down, never surrender this sacred experiment in self-government to the cuckoo’s nest gang all around, we must do all we can on a daily basis to identify the insanity, flush out the insane parties guilty of spreading it and fight harder than ever to stop it cold ASAP.

The insanity is so entrenched and widespread that it is very difficult to get past the ubiquitous perpetrators in order to wake up the apathetic. It is very much like trying to identify dangerous zombies when the dangerous zombies run the government, the media and most of academia.

We must never waste our time trying to fix the insane, for part of the problem with insane people is that they are too insane to recognize insanity.

So I will list the glaring evidence that the Democratic Party is insane.

The Democrats must be terminally insane to allow Nancy Pelosi to squawk, “You don’t have to read the bill; you need to pass it to find out what’s in it. Where in the hell does that work?
That is insane enough, but more frighteningly insane is the willingness of masses of soulless sheep not to blink an eye, accepting such insanity as if it is just all peachy keen.

Brian Terry is still dead, and though everyone knows that the president of the United States and his hand-picked attorney general authorized the illegal running of guns to Mexican drug gangs as a flagrant attempt to demonize the Second Amendment and legal U.S. gun-owning citizens, it could very well be the ultimate definition of insanity.

But it gets worse. Not only did the highest offices of the U.S. government collude to break national and international gun laws in the insane attempt to find fault with said laws, the complicity of the government overall to not hold anyone accountable all these years later is even more insane.

That four so-called Supreme Court justices not only signed their names to a letter of dissension to the SCOTUS Heller and Washington Second Amendment affirmation cases insanely claiming U.S. citizens have no basic right to keep and bear arms, but insanity of insanity, these goofballs claimed Americans have no basic right to self-defense. And they still wear those black robes. That’s insane.

It is insane how the president of the United States lies over and over and over again and again and again and so much of the media and his braindead brainwashed sheep think it is A-OK.

It is insane how only Arizona, Wyoming, Kansas, Vermont and Alaska uphold Second Amendment rights while the other 45 states criminally infringe at will.

Only insane punks believe it is OK for the United States government to fail to provide basic security for our people in Benghazi and elsewhere around the world, but then not only deny 61 desperate requests for security as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, but, insanity of insanity, tell those U.S. forces ready to defend our people to stand down.

More insane than that is the number of insane people in America who don’t think it really matters that four U.S. citizens died as a direct result of their government’s dereliction of duty and violation of their oath of office.

As a nation watches the president spew his dishonest insanity in his State of the Union series of blatant, runaway lies, insane people actually give him a standing ovation for each lie.

And so it goes – insanity running amok by insane people during insane times.

The list of irrefutable evidence could go on forever in these insane times, and I would be so happy to debate these self-evident truths with anyone, anywhere, anytime – for if you are insane enough to debate me, I would gladly chew down your family tree and spit sawdust in your face just for the entertainment value alone.

Democrats are insane. Bernie Sanders is insane. Hilary Clinton is the goddess of insanity, and the insane people that support these freaks are insanely trying to destroy the last best place and last best hope for freedom.

Don’t be insane. Stop the insanity.