Top 5 tasks for a GOP prez — if you’re really serious

July 15, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I hear some pretty good rhetoric from the gaggle of Republican candidates vying for the opportunity, privilege and duty to put an end to this embarrassing suicidal scourge of Obama’s criminal fundamental transformation scam.

Unfortunately, pretty good qualifies as lame where I come from. What we are looking for in a leader, as I demand in bandmates and everyone in my life, and what America used to demand for in everything, is the very best, not pretty good.

Clearly, anyone with half a brain can tell by now that this insane fundamental transformation is obamaspeak for dismantling the American Dream and the reversing of the greatest quality of life in the history of mankind.

The denial is palpable. Denial is like dope.

Only those on dope fail to recognize how foolish those on dope look, sound, smell and act like braindead dopey morons.

The trick is to not be a braindead moron and stay off dope.

The only sheep dishonest enough to vote Democrat are the dopey sheep benefiting from the redistribution scam artists, thereby enslaving the sheep to further engineered dependency.

This is not a theory; it is a big, ugly, painful and costly reality.

Hands up don’t shoot, bend over don’t spank. Pick a lie, any lie, and show your mindless support for the party of liars.

Meanwhile dopers and dopey people who act like they’re on dope keep making up dopey things to further sway their fellow dopes, and the whole world is watching America spiral into a self-inflicted chasm of foolishness.

Even my European friends are dumbfounded at how we are throwing away the last vestiges of freedom and liberty to be found anywhere on planet earth.

Nice going Democrats. You don’t need to read this; you need to sign it to find out what it says.

And the mindless, stoned sheep blindly follow the scamming leaders to slaughter.

Not me.

So, GOPers, listen up if you truly wish to win and end this anti-American insanity. It is not time to speak softly and carry a big stick. It is time to speak loud, clear and passionately and use that big stick to smash down hard on the bully pulpit like you mean it, declaring emphatically that we are not going to take it anymore from the community organizer gone mad or his Democrat successor that will continue and even increase this bizarre ruination of the greatest country humankind has ever known.

Job 1: Annihilate anybody and everybody who publicly declares hate or danger to America, Americans or our allies. Unleash the greatest military might upon them with a fury that is inescapable. No more playing “containment” games. Wipe them out and send a clear message to the whole world that America will never again act like a weakling that doesn’t care.

Equal to that responsibility is the end of government spending like a gang of drunken pigs. Our debt is a crime and everyone participating in it criminal. If anyone actually cares that America should once again be that shining city on the hill, it’s time to act like it and stop the gluttony, the waste, the fraud, the deceit, the insane runaway pork and the numbnut spending beyond our means. We the people have to be accountable, so do our elected employees.

Next, end the scourge of bribing Americans and illegal invaders to be bloodsucking, nonproductive leaches riding on the backs of hardworking, sacrificing American families. End welfare and all the vote bribes and thereby end the rewards for “giving up looking for work” and “jobs Americans aren’t willing to perform.” The current welfare scam is phenomenally anti-American.

Truly needy people will be taken care of by family, neighbors, the churches and charities. If you can make it to the welfare scam office, you can make it to any one of the millions of “Help Wanted” signs plastered all across the land. Get a damn job. It’s over rover.

Secure the borders for God’s sake, and for the sake of a safe, excellent American America. Invaders must return home or face painful, extremely uncomfortable punishing jail time. Legal good, illegal bad. Know it, enforce it.

If we graduate another kid that cannot speak, spell, add, subtract, multiply, divide, pull up their pants, operate a hammer, saw, screwdriver, broom, rake and shovel, or balance a checkbook, then every teacher responsible for such dereliction of duty should be fired and forced to pay back the salary they didn’t earn. Failed plumbers shouldn’t get paid, and failed teachers shouldn’t get paid. Period. Tenure is a criminal scam.

Somebody must teach our kids that being the very best that they can be is the only path to happiness on any level. Is this ever mentioned in American schools anymore?

A true leader of America will finally decree that the Second Amendment is not a state issue. It is a constitutionally guaranteed nationwide individual American right, and all infringing is a violation of federal law.

Any state bureaucrats so infringing will be warned of the prosecutorial consequences, and that includes New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois and California.

The good American people still await justice for Brian Terry, justice for Ambassador Stevens, justice for the victims of IRS power abusers, justice for the liar in chief with his Obamacare scams and too many lies to list here. Obama: liar. Hillary: liar. Susan Rice: liar. Eric Holder: liar/gunrunner. Nancy Pelosi: liar. Harry Reed: lying weirdo.

There are so many more issues that need to be addressed and fixed. None of them is rocket science. Obama keeps squawking about how everybody has to play by the same set of rules. Well, you first, Mr. President. The laws and rules of logic, common sense and the U.S. Constitution apply to all American citizens and elected employees. Let me know when you and all of our elected employees are ready to start playing by those same rules.

Until then, we the people refuse to stand idly by and watch the runaway freight train of corruption and power abuse constantly veer off the tracks.

GOP, are you paying attention here? Anybody?