October 29, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Devil’s Night traditionally occurred the night before Halloween when I was growing up in the MotorCity way back in the 1950s and ’60s. Traditionally, houses were TP’d and egged, windows were soaped or waxed, a few streetlights and porch lights were shot out, lawns got salted, and even real nasty destructive crimes were committed with slashed tires and broken windows.

But at the Nugent house, the various forms of vandalism and intentional destruction of other’s personal property were virtually forbidden. We were taught that hard work was necessary to have certain things in life and that such hooliganisms were simply not allowed.

My dear old Dad, God love him, would have certainly “knocked our block off” had we engaged in such irresponsible and downright asinine behavior.

What sort of numbnut could possibly think hurting others and then expecting a handout the next day on Halloween was a plausible series of events?

I’ll tell you who – the new species of we the sheeple, that’s who. Punks that were brainwashed into believing that earning your own way was for suckers, that if someone had some nice things, surely they were cheating and they owed you.

One need look no further than my beloved birth-city of Detroit to see how this self-inflicted dumbing down and spiritual decay manifests itself – from soaping windows to burning down entire neighborhoods to going bankrupt, both economically and spiritually.

Trick that treat, goofballs.

Ever the hopeful optimist, I must at least acknowledge how Detroit has backed down on the arson and random gunfire into the air, but like all of America, just backing down on insane behavior won’t quite cut the mustard if we truly believe we can reverse this embarrassing and deadly suicidal tailspin into the so-called “hope and change” hellzone of Obama’s ruined America.

An obvious line can be drawn in the short span of a few days from Devil’s Night to Halloween to the Nov. 4 midterm elections as a social trick or treat of sorts.

Are there really more Americans today who actually care and respect others? Are there really still more Americans who are driven to produce instead of take? Are there still more Americans who are conscientious and take personal responsibility?

Are there more Americans who live within their means than those who have been brainwashed to live, waste, scam and spend like their criminal government does?

Are there really more Americans who ask not what their country can do for them, but rather what we can do for our country, versus the hooligans who demand everything from their country but refuse to do anything for her?

Are there really more Americans who actually believe you should earn your own way?

I already got my invitation to Greg Abbott’s victory party for the evening of Nov. 4 as we celebrate his landslide victory over Wendy Davis as the new and well-deserved governor of the Great Republic of Texas.

This Texas race is a microcosm of elections across the country. Thank God there are still way more Texans that stand in defiance of the lying, scamming, America-hating, Texas-hating scammers and scoundrels that infest and steer the Wendy Davis campaign of deception.

What’s good for Texas is surely great for America. It’s obvious as all hell why the masses are flocking to the clear and present quality-of-life upgrade and real-world freedoms Texas offers.

Wendy Davis is the trick, and Greg Abbott is the treat. If every state had a leader like Greg Abbott, and many do, the driving spirit of excellence and personal responsibility would crank America straight back into the asset column of the world, reversing the embarrassing hope and change lie of Obama and his gang of liberal Democrats who apparently think every night is Devil’s Night.

America up, America. No more Devil’s Nights, no more scams, no more lies, no more apologizing for being the best damn place in the world. A world without America is a world without freedom. There is no place else to turn to. Let’s take her back now.