TriggerTime Now

July 8, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Oh boy oh boy! Here I go again unleashing my firefingers of freedom attacking another unsuspecting innocent keyboard to rave and roar about the important priorities in my (our) American Dream; life, liberty and pursuit of happiness!

Seeing as how this is July 9th, going down in history as the wildest of times summertime 2020, clever, intelligent priorities are more important right here and now than ever before. In some instances, a matter of life and death.

So welcome once again to your glowing, loving Uncle Ted Spirit Campfire of truth, logic and commonsense party as the ultimate soul cleansing escape from the abject craziness running amok across the country.

Such priorities can be accomplished, and must be accomplished!

I decided way back in 1967 after graduating (escaping) high school that I would live on wildground where I could shoot and hunt right out my backdoor. I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but right there is proof I am smart enough!

As we throttle through the heat of summer in excitable anticipation to our beloved, glorious fall huntseason, (can’t wait!!we should manage our time to the very best of our ability to remain tuned in and proficient with our bows and firearms.

I plunge heart and soul into my daily archery practice, and continue to discover always new and intriguing procedures that elevate my Samurai mystical flight of the arrow oneness.

Equally so do I dedicate daily trigger management and control with various firearms, and have concluded that both archery and firearms training and practice are not only relative to each other, but actually enhance both equally so.

Since I years ago transitioned from finger release archery to the ubiquitous mechanical trigger release and stringloop, that 2nd most important digit of my being, my beautiful, ever loving triggerfinger, functions identically for both guns and bows.

Even when using a back-tension or thumb activated release, the same release hand/finger/thumb control manifests itself in the exact same way.

Mr. Right Hand must be one with Mr. Left Hand, and when doing so, both firearm accuracy and archery accuracy can be truly elevated to very thrilling, gratifying levels.

Doing my chores each day running around our SpiritWild Ranch in Texas and the old, sacred family Michigan swamplands in the Roxor with my beloved hounds Happy, Sadie and Coco, we invariably end up treeing a few bushytailed limbrats just to keep the dogs happy.

With my suppressed, scoped Ruger 10/22, I get to experience one of life’s greatest joys trying to get a steady bead on the most elusive, skittish, escape master rodents on earth. These crazy spooky squirrels are the masters of limb hugging, leaping, soaring running, flying from limb to limb challenging targets that exist, and will test the tactical accuracy of the best marksmen.

Since this happens on a daily basis in my beautiful world, it came abundantly clear long ago that the instantaneous moment of rifle trigger ignition is the exact same as the muscle memory moment of mechanical archery release nano-second.

By training my mind, heart, body, soul, spirit and triggerfinger to nail down that precise send it moment, I can hit those little rascals in the eyeball with my .22 and send some of the best arrows of my life with increasingly consistent regularity.

Really think about it; with the incredible triggers available on archery mechanical releases matching that of some of the best firearm triggers these days, there really is no difference.

So grab that old .22 rifle that we all have and enjoy. Get out there and celebrate some dedicated triggertime that we all love, and imprint that moment of truth that matches both our archery and gun fun and proficiency that will go a long, long way in successful hunting.

Like old Fred Bear said, promoted and celebrated so powerfully; be a two season hunter!  Aim small miss small!