September 16, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

There’s only one thing more confusing than the confusion certain Republicans are having with Donald Trump’s firebrand, and that would be their confusion.

The GOP, as I have written so many times over the years, is the problem. The sheep rancher’s sheep being killed off by the coyotes isn’t the coyote’s fault. It is the fault of the rancher that fails to fix the coyote problem, and fixing coyote problems isn’t rocket science.

You see, here at our home ranch in Texas, we don’t have a coyote problem. The coyotes have a Ted problem. I don’t nip in the bud. I eliminate. And I plan on keeping it that way.

The horror story that is this insane, criminal, inexcusable fundamental transformation of the last best place isn’t the fault of the freedom-hating, U.S. Constitution-hating, America-hating, lying Democrats. And quite honestly it isn’t even the fault of the disconnected, status quo mongering, tie-adjusting Republicans who appear helpless at the helm.

America is in a tailspin as a direct result of so many Americans simply not giving a damn, failing miserably at performing what was once known to be the responsibility of We the People to monitor and demand accountability from our elected employees.

As soon as the wicked witch of the west squawked, “You don’t need to read this; you need to pass it to find out what’s in it!” I knew the end was near.

In what distorted parallel zombie universe does anyone, anywhere get away with such audacity, such irresponsible, dangerous and buffoonish behavior?

That the GOP and entire U.S. government overall has allowed the blatant incremental chipping away at this sacred experiment in self-government to go unchallenged will go down in history as probably the dumbest failure of any society ever to walk the earth.

To hear Republican presidential candidates squawking about Donald Trump’s fire and brimstone campaign proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that many of them didn’t get the memo that there is a culture war going on for the soul of America.

This is not a culture argument. This is not a culture disagreement. This is not a culture debate. This is a full-on culture war, and even though our fearless leadership refuses to utter the word victory, those of us who truly care about the American Dream pray to God that there is a Republican somewhere, somehow that will loudly and proudly declare that nothing short of victory will do.

Mr. Trump’s unprecedented support is due to the fact that working-hard, playing-hard, caring Americans are painfully aware of the suicidal path and dire consequences of Obama’s crazy fundamental transformation destructo derby, and Trump alone is counterpunching effectively with blow for blow outrage shared by the masses.

Do I admire Walker, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina and some others? Of course I do. And though Cruz and Fiorina show a good sense of awareness and passion for the fight, many of the others are way too passive and status quo to rally any support. And the polls prove it.

Many of us are dumbfounded at the abject failure of the GOP overall to adequately identify the depth of this scourge taking over America. We cannot believe so many in the GOP act like we are facing a minor inconvenience instead of the life-threatening dynamic of the Democrat communist battle cry.

And face the facts – liberalism, progressivism and the mantra of the left are pure, nasty, proven communism, lick for lick.

Listen to Bernie Sanders. Listen to Obama. Listen to Wasserman-Shultz. Listen to Pelosi. Listen to Hillary. Who doesn’t know that they are quoting Marx, Mao, Lenin, Castro and all the other monsters behind tyranny, dictatorships, slavery and the resultant historic ruination of every society this evil scourge has touched?

So listen up, lady and gentlemen, the future of America is in your hands.

Trump, stay on course, but implement presidential upgrade immediately. No more personal attacks. No more sleight of hand. Give us the gory details of your vision. Tell us how you will bring back fiscal accountability. Tell us how you will end the insanity of “Americans giving up looking for jobs.” The insanity of “jobs Americans are not willing to do.”

Tell us how you will bring Hillary, Holder, Obama, Lerner, Rice et al. to justice for their crimes and lies.

Tell us how you will end government waste, fraud, corruption, duplicity and scamming.

Tell us how you will fix the embarrassing VA to take care of the most deserving Americans.

Tell us how you will end the invasion of illegals.

Tell us how America will never leave Americans behind or in the hands of criminal foreign governments.

Tell us how you will stop rewarding the bloodsuckers who live to take instead of produce.

Tell us how you will make the U.S. military the strongest, most dangerous force for freedom and justice the world has ever known.

Tell us how you will crush any country or gang that dares to kill or harm Americans anywhere around the world.

Tell us how you will unleash the might of the greatest warriors the world has ever known and implement rules of engagement that assure victory over our enemies fast and conclusive.

Tell us how you will never allow tax dollars to hire government killers to kill our wildlife that we the people own but are not allowed to hunt.

Tell us how you will end the criminal infringements of our sacred Second Amendment and how its very existence is a weapons permit for all law-abiding Americans.

Tell us how you will gut the alphabet soup of failed, abusive, wasteful, corrupt, unnecessary and counterproductive bureaucracies.

Tell us how you will slam the brakes on this vile fundamental transformation that is intentionally wrecking America.

Tell us how you will never allow another Ruby Ridge or Waco to ever take place.

Tell us how you will get rid of the Obamacare Ponzi scam.

Tell us how you will fix the embarrassing education system of this country so our kids actually learn to write, speak, spell, add and subtract and begin to kick ass on the rest of the world.

Tell us how you will bring an end to the life destroying engineered recidivism at the hands of a justice system gone mad.

Tell us, Mr. Trump, exactly how you are going to make America great again. We pray that you will. We pray that you can. We are waiting.