Welcome Home To Texas

November 30, 2017 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I hope you are all celebrating every day in the deerwoods with deep, passionate appreciation for this incredible nature lifestyle and calling that we are so blessed to live and embrace. I am here to tell you that I sure am. And yes, it takes serious nerve, energy, spirit, physical and emotional management to get us through some of the frustrations, ups and downs and inescapable hunter fatigue that hits all of us as the season throttles on.

But let it be known by all good hands-on conservationist adventurers across the hinterland, never ever forget that even the most nerve wracking moments on the hunt are still some of the very best moments life has to offer.

I keep telling myself this and force myself to never allow a negative thought or moment to enter or interfere with my sacred sanctuary of pure predatorship.

Opening up my 68th deerseason on our sacred homegrounds in Michigan was as thrilling as ever. Good herd rebound after the EHD scourge of a few years ago is proof-positive that Ma Nature can and does take care of her critters in a rather miraculous way.

As usual, way too many carcasses could be seen strewn about the highways and bi-ways, and the corn and bean crops again showed a resurgence of serious depredation.

With dedicated scouting, strategizing and gungho hunting, my backstrap boogie throttled on nicely in the woodlands, swamps, marshes and croplands of southern Michigan and I celebrated many beautiful arrows on numerous stunning beasts.

My Queen of the Forest wife Shemane and son Toby remained skunked after many sojourns afield, but daughter Sasha was able to kill a handsome 8-point buck with her .450 Bushmaster sniper Ruger.

With family scattered across America, we decided to head home to SpiritWild Ranch in Texas for a ThanXgiving holiday feast and the kickoff to our Texas deerseason.
In our absence the deer had no idea that a hunting season was even on. The bucks were rutting hard and the whole ranch was saturated with the lovely nostril flaring stench of black-goo tarsal gland aroma, and I liked it.

As the #1 freedom state in America, we Texans are blessed with the ultimate private land deer management tool with our brilliant Managed Land Deer Permit system where landowners can quality for the perfection of self-regulated bag limits based on our real world, non-bureaucrat interfered population and habitat identification.

Following this pure sustain-yield science is why the best deerhunting in America is found in the Lone Star state.

Targeting bucks and does based on sheer numbers, age and habitat carrying capacity, we can keep our herds well balanced and thriving, which of course is the ultimate goal of the resource stewards we are.

I was able to put together the magic mojo of right place right time on a few occasions and zap a trio of handsome mature bucks and one old, over the hill doe.

Mrs. Nugent loves her Excalibur sniper crossbow and had the good fortune to zero in on a gonzo 6.5 year-old 8 point stud cactus monarch out of her cleverly placed Primos Double Bull groundblind.

All in all, the whitetail deer welcome matt was out for us and our ThanXgiving seemed a little more intense and fun than your average ThanXgiving!

Our season gets even better come December and January, and we even get to continue all the way through February if we still have the right deer to harvest.

We hope your deer dreams are as wonderful as ours and that your freezers and spirits are full and heavy with protein and joy.

We wish you a very Happy December and will share our excitement and fun with you next week right here at our deeranddeerhunting.com electro-campfire.

Goodluck and good hunting to all!