West Bend Wisconsin DeerFest 2017

August 4, 2017 | « back

 by Ted Nugent

I don’t have to look to the heavens to see a meteorite, I am a damn meteorite! Based on sheer velocity and trajectory and that fiery vaportrail flaming up a storm in my review mirror, all scientific indicators are showing very little danger of this fireball burning out in the far-off future of my crazy rock-n-roll atmosphere.

I didn’t invent the American Dream but I did perfect it a long, long time ago.

No, seriously, as I hammer away on my handy dandy little laptop computer writing this here NugeBlog, bucking and weaving at 10,800 feet in my little twin turbo-prop Cessna NugeForce1 rocketship on my way to rockout #6613, I am confident that my readers here will give the old backstrapping WhackMaster guitarplayer the benefit of the doubt and let me enjoy this mind dazzling 60 plus year musical adventure with a little creative metaphoring.

Thank you for that. It is good to respect your elders, or least show a little pity!

So far this amazing summer tour 2017, my killer band and I have unleashed 37 firebreathing torrents of killer American soulmusic, marking just past the half-way point of the greatest tour of my life. And of course that means more than half-way to Opening Day of deer season!

Join me in the gnashing of teeth, the rolling of eyeballs, goosebumps on goosebumps and fully erect hair follicles on the back of our necks and scream HALLELUJAH, won’t you!

And of course 37 concerts so far this year also means 37 wonderful roundtable campfires backstage and at the hotels securing once again that our hunting lifestyle truth, logic and commonsense remains alive and well across the hinterland.

From California to Maine, Minnesota down to Florida, Arizona and Texas to New York and Pennsylvania and beyond, good, dedicated hunting families across America agree on and celebrate all that is good with our hunting world.

I’ve met again on this tour with young, old, novice, veteran, old fashioned and cutting-edge techno dudes from every imaginable walk of life and societal strata, and I am here to tell you that our pure, reasoning predator instinct is 100% TruNorth as always. The basic science of sustain yield and hands-on value through utility continues to guide the hearts and minds, bullets and arrows of the vast majority of American hunters.

My self-imposed brutal tour schedule doesn’t leave any time for much other that rocking my brains out each night, daily travel, media interviews each day and our nightly meetings, but once in a while the planets do align and I am able to accept invites for my other favorite gig; outdoor family events like the 8th annual Wisconsin DeerFest in West Bend Wisconsin this Saturday August 5.

We rock Wausau Wisconsin on Friday night, then I am able to spend Saturday with my fellow backstrappers at DeerFest before flying out to rock Medina Minnesota that night.

I have been hired to give a speaking presentation on my 60 plus years of deerhunting and share with the assembled that vital deerhunting pulse that I am so honored and humbled to connect with all these years with so many hunting families all across America.

The question and answer segment of my presentation is always very informative as we hear directly from our fellow hunters on a myriad of subjects and important issues. Much can be learned from such an event.

I also look forward to hanging out after my speech where I am able to shake hands and sign autographs with as many people as I can for a couple of hours before heading out to rock.

We are expecting huge crowds again this year and I so look forward to hanging out with the best people in the world. My life is a deer fest, so I may as well hang out at an official one. Hope to see all my Wisconsin BloodBrothers there. Thanks for the invite. Thanks for the spirit.