February 18, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

In yet more bizarro proof that Lady Justice is being raped, sodomized and strangled to death by a legal system – not a justice system – you need look no further than the millions of taxpayer dollars already spent by prosecutors and public defenders on the “Dark Knight” killer, James Holmes.

Back in July 2012, the clockwork orange-headed Holmes was dressed as the Joker from the Batman cartoons and movies when he entered an Aurora, Colorado, theater (a gun-free zone) and began his systematic massacre. When his massacre was over, 12 unarmed and helpless people were dead and 58 more wounded.

A Fox News report identified $7 million associated with the defense and prosecution of Holmes so far. And his trial hasn’t even started.

My bet is that the $7 million Fox News identified will climb to well in excess of 10 million before Holmes is executed or dies peacefully of old age while locked up in a mental institution.

This isn’t justice. This is a cruel, expensive, pathetic joke.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Holmes committed the massacre. The only people benefiting from his massacre are the gaggles of expensive lawyers who have perverted our so-called justice system into a quagmire of illogical legal requirements, strange counterproductive rules, endless engineered, costly delays and other legal slop.

We no longer have a justice system in America but rather a legal system that has been created by and for the benefit of bottom-feeding barristers.

Sure, Holmes is nuttier than a 55-gallon container of tainted macadamia nuts. Newsflash: No one who commits mass murder is sane. The guitarplayer figured that out all by myself.

Yes, Holmes is crazy. There’s no doubting that. What’s crazier than the orange-headed, bug-eyed Holmes is our legal system that works overtime to deny justice.

Our legal system has been engineered and designed to benefit lawyers. To spend millions of taxpayer dollars on the Holmes pre-trial, trial and execution phases is crazier than the Holmeses of the world who methodically and carefully plan their massacres – including booby-trapping his apartment.

Our legal system repeatedly rapes Lady Justice while spitting in the faces of the victims and the taxpayers who have to pay for this perverted joke of a justice system.

The hardworking, decent Americans I hang with would much prefer the justice system of the Old West. Had Holmes did what he did 150 years ago, and somehow failed to be shot dead during his crime, there would have been a neck-stretching party scheduled within 60 days or less of his massacre.

Holmes’ trial should have been over a couple of years ago. His neck-stretching party should have also been over a couple of years ago.

Yes, we should execute nuts like Holmes. If we had a justice system, we wouldn’t care what teams of psychologists believe his mental capacity was at the time of his massacre.

Crazy or not, when a person knowingly, deliberately and with malicious aforethought plans and executes a massacre like this, the psycho should be executed – and it shouldn’t take millions and millions of dollars and decades to do it.

As long as there are gun-free slaughter zones welcoming evildoers to have at it, and we have a legal system instead of a justice system, the Joker is on us.