Why Me?

December 3, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Hunting is a very individual, independent loner function for many of us in an otherwise gregarious world. Sure, hunting camp is a powerfully traditional gathering of family and friends, harking back to our very earliest ancestors as we discovered the necessity of teamwork to slay the mighty dinosaurs and giant beasts of prey, but our individual hunting time is almost always a loner experience.

In the modern world of deerhunting, our natural predatory meanderings, swampbusting, woodland forays and ridgerunning pursuits are more often than not a very personal, solo endeavor.

My hunting seasons are nonstop months-long celebrations with camps full of high energy, intensely gungho sporters where we have the times of our lives around the campfire sharing stories, comparing life’s experiences and learning from each other how to best ambush our game of choice.

Lucky, lucky me to have such a huge, wonderful hunting tribe!

These glorious opportunities to connect with so many fellow sporters on this very spiritual relationship we have with God’s miraculous renewable creation as actual hands-on participants that we all so cherish literally has a life of its own, and I am beyond humbled and extremely grateful for it.

When it comes time to hit the deerwoods, I literally can’t wait to head off all by myself to sneak into the beast’s lair to further discover my intimate tooth, fang and claw role in their intimate tooth, fang and claw lives.

Solitude and deep, thoughtful aloneness bring me great and much needed sanctuary from the hyper energized life I lead, and in fact, one fuels and maximizes the other to a very proficient and gratifying degree.

Being the fulltime, loudmouth We the People hellraiser that I have always been, it is around these uninhibited campfires that I have come to know and appreciate definitively that the hell I raise accurately represents the spirit, beliefs and genuine concerns of all those great American hunting families with whom I am honored to share those many campfires and buckpoles with.

Over these many years of celebrating and promoting the perfection of our hunting lifestyle to the masses via untold global media, this bloodbrother bond has rooted deeply with the vast majority of conservationists worldwide, and they let me know it in no uncertain terms on a daily basis.

Not a day in my life goes by where I don’t receive a plethora of photos and oftentimes very emotional stories of family hunting excursions where they, for whatever reason, insist on sharing it with their good ol crazy Uncle Ted.

For many years I have received literally 1000s and 1000s of wonderful photographs of many a new hunter’s first deerkill and the always exciting story explaining how they became hunters due to my eternal pro-hunting ravings in the media, in my articles, my books, our 31 year running Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show, the many podcasts and nonstop social media tsunamis of truth, logic, commonsense and real nature science I exude.

I have always believed that, though hunting, like everything else in life, isn’t for everybody, once the cloak of politically correct lies and toxic hunting-hating propaganda is pulled back in a fact filled, evidence saturated, passionate way, there are a lot more people in this world that would pursue and fall in love with this wonderful, natural hunting lifestyle than otherwise currently participate.

I wish to sincerely thank everyone who have so blessed me and fortified me with their inspiring communications and positive energy all these years, and want you all to know how much I dearly appreciate such a connection.

Now more than ever, with the abject and inescapable dishonesty and outright hate for all that we believe in and stand for, those of us who live this positive lifestyle must push harder, promote more effectively and raise more hell in order to counterpunch the waves against us.

I look forward to your communication on my facebook and elsewhere to continue to create the ultimate obstacle course for such negativity. Let us turn up the heat. Let us turn up the spirit. Let us shower the world with truth, logic, commonsense, goodwill and decency to crush the evil against us.

Godspeed Spirit BloodBrothers of the Great Spirit of the Wild. It aint me. It’s us.