Why not ban booze instead of guns?

January 8, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

This is too rich, too perfect.

While the president and other left-wing lugnuts continue to blame guns, lax gun laws and the NRA for the violence in Chicago and other cities, Shermain Miles, age 52, comes slithering out of the Chicago sewer to shine a blinding spotlight on punk cockroaches such as herself and other recidivistic street rats and the laughable “justice” system they work hand in hand with.

The poor dear Ms. Miles was recently arrested for her 397th crime, this time for assaulting Chicago Alderman James Cappleman.

That would be 397 arrests.

Who knows how many other petty and potentially serious crimes Ms. Miles got away with in between being arrested, taken to jail and let back out to commit other crimes.

Her lengthy arrest record has probably cost Chicago taxpayers well in excess of a million dollars to arrest, detain, process, jail, lawyer up, try, feed, medicate, hair trim, clothe, clean up, convict, house her in various city and county cages, provide counseling services for her, and God only knows the tsunami of bureaucratic floundering we blow on her type.

What her arguably world-record arrest record should have illuminated long, long ago, is that Ms. Miles is not the only one slithering around in the Chicago sewer with a lengthy arrest record.

As any street cop will tell you, the overwhelming majority of violent street rats, thugs and punks all have lengthy rap sheets. Our so-called criminal justice system turns these violent punks loose time and time again knowing full well they are going to commit more violent crimes and prey dangerously upon good, innocent citizens while blowtorching immeasurable tax dollars for their chosen lifestyles.

Street cops will also tell you the problem is not the availability of guns or lax gun laws, but rather the availability of young, largely black, gangster street rats roaming Chicago’s streets and the streets of all other major American cities who have been in and out of the county or state slammer for a variety of offenses.

Windy City Windbag Mayor Rahm Emanuel won’t tell you these things. Instead, he blames guns, lax guns laws, so-called “gunshow loopholes” blah blah blah ad nauseum for the Windy City’s epidemic of violence.

Following his upside-down left-wing lugnut logic, Mayor Emanuel surely blames booze for Ms. Miles’ 397 arrests, not her. Ms. Miles faults booze for her lengthy arrest record.

So, why doesn’t the Windy City Windbag start blaming the availability of booze for the petty and runaway violent crimes that plague the southwest side of Chicago?

Again, street cops will tell you that many of the various petty and violent thugs, punks and street rats they bust are drunk and or stoned, you know, on that “victimless crime” of dope. Banning booze on the southwest side of Chicago would probably cause Chicago’s crime rate to plunge.

I could not find a single statement from the Windy City Windbag regarding his support of banning booze at least on the southwest side of Chicago, but he has made numerous statements regarding his support of further gun control legislation in a city that has been a gun-free zone for more than 40 years.

The definition of insanity is …

Same goes for Jesse Jackson and Al Not-so-Sharpton.

So why aren’t these “un-civil rights” activists out conducting marches against the booze manufacturers like Budweiser, Jack Daniels and malt liquors such as Colt 45? Why aren’t they pushing to sue booze manufacturers for the damage their products have “caused” on the Southwest side of Chicago when even the perpetrators constantly blame the booze?

I don’t support banning booze or guns. What I do support is banning people like Shermain Miles.

Should gravity fail under Ms. Miles’ feet and she lazily floated off the planet, no one would miss her. Instead, I suspect she will surpass 400 arrests, costing the hardworking Chicago taxpayers even more money.