Winter Spring Summer Fall

May 6, 2021 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Pretty simple stuff, those wonderful four seasons of the year! Who could not love and celebrate them all!

I just created another killer instrumental song recently titled Winter Spring Summer Fall and it flowed out of me like life’s breath itself!

Going back to the earliest years with my amazing band The Amboy Dukes, I have created instrumentals, moving pieces dare I say, with songtitles very close to my heart that clearly follow my love and passion for the outdoor lifestyle; Scottish Tea, Migration, Homebound, Free Flight, Hibernation, TNT Overture, Earthtones, Sunrize and now this new orchestral primal, instinctual celebration of our love of the four-season dynamo that encompasses and facilitates life itself.

Some may think that our love of hunting and the great outdoors focuses sole on the fall season, and for some this may very well be true.

Nothing like the cool, crisp, delicious predator air of October and November to set our hearts a-flutter!

But surely, for so many of us, the daily, driving pulse of the earth herself throttles throughout our being year-round with very little reduction in participation no matter the season.

When it comes right down to it, many of us believe that winter is the best time of year for hunting. Rutting activity and increased movement in search of dwindling food sources improves encounter chances, accelerates the dynamo of the chase, and I for one have my most successful kill time in December and January of the year.

Currently as the upheaval of spring morphs into the pleasantries of “livin is easy” summertime, I am being bombarded with glowing photos of successful turkey hunters, bear hunters, pig killers and the army of smiling faces holding a fresh caught panfish, walleye, trout or salmon aloft in excited anticipation of a ritualistic family fishfry.

And don’t forget the mushroom madness as morels pop-up across the hinterland!

I remember as a kid growing up in Detroit the springtime flurry of smelt dipping where neighbors would drop off barrels of these delicious little fish.

It is also standard operating procedure this time of year where archery tournaments and 3D competition throttle on all across the land.

Who doesn’t believe that the mystical flight of the arrow isn’t perfect 12 months a year!

And of, course nothing quite says summertime like family fun at the gunrange where we maintain our aim small miss small practice, training and gun-nut enjoyment.

Each season is rife with wonderful, much appreciated rituals that are more or less organic to each month of the year.

Just this morning already I have shot my Mathews at the 3D range, cleaned a couple of rifles, plinked with my suppressed .22, filled some deerfeeders, put out a few fresh mineral sites, checked my varmint traps and even unleashed some holy hellfire guitarlicks just to keep the rock-n-roll spirit over the edge.

Is there any other way to rock-n-roll?

I also joined my buddy Kyle Green of Green Way Outdoors TV on his outdoor podcast to promote and celebrate this wonderful conservation lifestyle to the masses that this young man does so well.

Though there certainly are no steadfast rules as to which activity is limited to any specific time of the year, anything and everything is legit and satisfying as long as we love it and remain passionate about it.

My Texas springtime foodplots are in, and soon the same happens on our sacred Michigan SpiritGrounds.

Lord have mercy. I sure do love this stuff and thank God every day that the Great Spirit of the Wild continues to turn my crank and drive my life, liberty and pursuit of year-round happiness.

Winter Spring Summer Fall! Celebrate it like you mean each and every day possible! It’s good for you.