March 30, 2016 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Open, honest communication, sharing historical evidence, logic, self-evident truth, common sense and how they relate to current events is the only remedy for ignorance, confusion and denial. That being said, I have found over 67.4 years that ignorance, confusion and denial appear to actually be desirable to a certain and unfortunately increasing lunatic fringe segment/cult of our species.

You know the kind – those with that strange predisposition to continue proven conduct that guarantees a ruined life, even death.

We see it in obesity, substance abuse, drinking and driving, juris prudence engineered recidivism, our failed education system, a dishonest, bigoted, conspiratorial media, communism, socialism, gang involvement and activities, broke, crime-infested Democrat-run cities and states, blind voters’ continued support of Democrats that enslave them to a nonstop downward-spiraling destroyed quality of life, the suicidal fantasy that open borders is somehow good for America (or anywhere), electing lying, scamming, power-abusing criminals, playing Russian roulette with semi-auto pistols – you know, that kind of crazy stuff.

I know these strange cultists follow me with a maniacal, stalker-like madness. I know this because they rear their ugly heads on my Facebook on a fairly regular basis to spew their vile hate and phenomenally stupid nonsense. For example, they threaten to kill me and my family because we eat venison, earn our own way, do daily charity work for the military, law enforcement, children’s and conservation charities, stand up for law and order, condemn criminal behavior and identify the blatant crimes of their crazy liberal leaders.

They hear my interviews, troll my social media and read my various writings in their bizarre scramble to find fault with my logic and the unlimited evidence I bring forth that is so very contrary to their core denial.

So in my inexhaustible spirit of loving compassion to bring truth and happiness to even those most resistant, allow me to list but a small portion of some irrefutable truth, that if only they would admit to and implement, would bring wonderful joy and fulfillment not only to their pathetic lives, but to all people everywhere.

You can’t claim you want America to be strong if you have given up looking for work, have a list of jobs you’re not willing to do and gladly rip off the earnings of others.

No one can possibly claim to want a strong America when they support the president disemboweling our military while our enemies strengthen theirs.

How nuts does one have to be to pose for a photo op under the image of murdering communist Che Guevara when everyone knows that he would have killed you in a heartbeat?

You have no soul if you support or belong to a gang where your leader claims, “You don’t need to read this, you need to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Who actually believes the government has the authority to force its citizens to purchase health care?

It is culturally suicidal not to have stringently enforced borders, especially during a war on terror when our own commander in chief’s allegiance is dangerously questionable at best.

It is simply suicidal to let in hordes of so-called “refugees” from lands infested with America-hating terrorists when you know damn well a certain percentage of them are dedicated to killing you.

You cannot claim you expect the government to create and provide jobs when your gang condemns the very corporations that singlehandedly create and provide jobs.

If you support the dangerous premise that gun manufacturers should be held responsible for crimes committed by criminals with their products, then the cult of no-accountability has no limits.

When you see that the most innocent lives are lost in gun free zones and you are crazy enough to demand more gun free zones, the blood of those victims is on your hands.

You can’t honestly accuse Donald Trump of sexism when your candidate has a lifelong history of covering up for her serial sexist/rapist husband.

In the face of many billions of critters being turned into family-sized portions by the hour across the globe to feed and fuel mankind, what sort of brain-dead freak could possibly think any of those critters have “rights”?

To what depth denial must strangle one’s conscience to support the abortion orgy at Planned Parenthood when everybody knows this vile organization was created by a racist eugenics monster dedicated to killing as many blacks as possible?

When everyone knows that “hands up don’t shoot” is a complete lie, somebody oughtta tell all the liars they need to get a life.

When thousands and thousands of blacks are slaughtered by other blacks, someone might want to tell the Black Lives Matter goons to fess up.

Who can trust an “OJ” justice system?

It is real racism when the predictable knee-jerk reaction to any legitimate counterpoints from the right is dishonestly claimed to be racist.

How can anyone give a pass to a president who has been caught in so many lies?

Performing your security detail responsibility by reaching out an arm to separate your charge from a reporter – or anyone, for that matter – is not battery.

Identifying rapists and murderers illegally invading our country is not condemning any race or group of people other than the rapists and murderers.

Campaigning to end the scourge of wasted tax dollars and then indulging in the worst waste of tax dollars ever has got to get someone’s attention about the president’s runaway dishonesty.

Looking the other way when the IRS criminally abuses its power by harassing political opponents might be a “hint” of corruption to somebody.

With the history of destroyed societies under communism, you would think Bernie Sanders would just be a source of painful pity.

For the gangs of liberals to rail against all the pillars of what makes America the last best place and so desirable to so many around the world is indescribable foolishness, and allowed to take any further hold will be the end of the greatest quality of life mankind has ever known.