Wolves At The Door

February 20, 2020 | « back

By Ted Nugent

I love, animals, they’re delicious!

And of course beyond that pragmatic self-preservation edict, I truly love everything about God’s miraculous nature.

I live it!

Well, I love pretty much everything about nature, but I’m not so very fond of fire ants, skunks or porcupines, and I could do without rattlesnakes, brown recluse spiders and a handful of other cantankerous bothersome if not downright life-threatening nuisance critters.

Being that as it may, I would like to pledge my undying love for my fellow predators of the wild, like the mighty cougar, bears, coyotes, fox, wolverine and many others, but mostly how I admire and revere the incredible wolf.

All God’s creatures have their place, and in the real world, co-existing with mankind, a healthy, survival based balance must be struck to maintain viable populations of all predators and prey alike.

The jury is not still out on what that balance should and must look like, which is why we don’t, or at least, shouldn’t, allow populations of dangerous predators to live in our neighborhoods.

We love the wild creatures, but we love our children and families even more.

I find it simply amazing that anybody could possibly be so disconnected and outright stupid as to not understand why there are no cougars, bears and wolves in their hometown neighborhoods. For those denial cultists so embarrassingly removed from reality, allow me to explain.

Wolves and neighborhoods cannot co-exist. Wolves and schoolyards and children’s playgrounds cannot co-exist. Wolves and cityscapes cannot co-exist, and wolves and healthy big game populations cannot co-exist, all of which is why the pioneers of this country wiped out the wolves and bears and cougars wherever we cleared our expanding civilization to make sure dangerous animals would not kill us, our children and kill our livestock and kill off our big game animals.

Yet more fascinating than this example of self-imposed ignorance is the insanity of people living in regions where wolves have already been wiped out, trying to force other people to live with dangerous animals.

Do as I say not as I do has always been the hallmark of soulless, pompous, arrogant, uncaring hypocrites that just must think their lives are more important and more worth saving than other’s.

Which brings us to the wolf dilemma and threat in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah.

There’s a reason that there is a regulated wolf hunting season all across Canada and Alaska, and that reason is safety, wildlife value management and proven scientific sustain yield harvest responsibilities to keep wolf numbers in check in order to maintain a balanced wildlife bio-diversity.

Wolves don’t buy hunting licensed or have game killing seasons or bag limits on the amount of big game they kill. And the long-held nonsense that wolves only kill the weak and sick is borne from clueless Bambi brainwashed citykids who have never stepped foot in wolf country.

Wolves are hard-core opportunity killers and they kill mostly healthy deer, elk, moose, bison and other critters based solely on random right place, right time convenience.

American hunters have proudly brought back thriving herds of deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, turkey, bison, wild sheep, mountain goats, bear and cougar by demanding end of the indiscriminate marketing slaughter and investing gazillions of dollars to pay for scientific research and sound science based regulatory gamelaw enforcement.

Without these thriving populations of big game animals and the American hunting families’ dollars, there would be no money to pay for such management and critical enforcement.

Remember, wolves will not pay for game wardens and scientific research to keep game populations in good shape. Left to their own devices, wolves kill indiscriminately and the results have always been devastating to not just wildlife populations, but overall wild ground conditions.

Google Isle Royal in Northern Michigan if you want to see the politically correct, self-inflicted abject waste that such a hands-off policy guarantees.

Hunting and managing wolves, just like all big game animals is a win win win all around with wildlife in the asset column.

Hands-off protection of wolves and other predator species is a guaranteed lose lose lose horror story, putting the animals squarely in the liability column, every time.

Don’t ask the residents of Minneapolis or Detroit what we should do with wolves. Ask the families who actually live in wolf country what really goes on with wolves in their lives.

Right now wolves are in the liability column wherever they are unnecessarily protected and unmanaged.

Conversely, wherever a sound regulated hunting season exists for wolves, they are in the asset column and doing just fine, thank you.

Entire regional economies go boom or bust based on predator management. Predators don’t buy groceries, food, lodging, gas, supplies, ice, land, buildings, dogs, bait, sporting goods, guides, outfitters, permits, fees, licenses or hire butchers or taxidermists.

True conservationists must unite to demand wolf management to put this magnificent big game animal in the asset column where it deserves to be.

Please visit HunterNation.org to see the sound science that we are pushing into policy. If you cherish and demand healthy, thriving wildlife in the asset column, please get involved and let us demand that wolves be managed responsibly. Wolves are not threatened or endangered and we must demand that they are delisted immediately and that regulated hunting seasons begin in all regions where the wolf population needs managing.