Your change has come – assassination style

December 24, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Two NYPD cops were assassinated.

They were assassinated because some sick, deranged, racist savage had been moved to kill them by the vile words and actions of racists such as Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan.

In addition to these racist goons, the words and actions of President Obama and his racist administration did nothing to ratchet down the hateful rhetoric after grand juries did not find enough evidence to prosecute the police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, or the police in New York City.

Mr. Holder, our gun-running attorney general, visited Ferguson and sided with the criminal element after Michael Brown conducted himself as usual, stealing, assaulting, and then viciously attacking a cop, then was subsequently killed in a clear-cut case of self-defense by the police officer.

Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder stated that “change was coming.” How’s two dead cops, Mr. Holder? Is that change enough for you?

Due to criminal thug Al not-so-Sharpton’s racist past, it is highly irresponsible and quite un-presidential for Mr. Obama to invite Sharpton to the White House for any reason other than hiring him to clean toilets. Mr. Obama listens to Sharpton instead of condemning and ignoring this vile racist scam artist.

When a white cop is killed by a black thug, no words of condolences have been uttered by Mr. Obama or Mr. Holder. No one from the Obama administration was sent to attend the funerals of Officers Santiago, Pierson, Westerfield, Dinwiddie or Deputy Sheriff Bares, who were killed in 2014 by black assailants.

The Obama administration has been vocal about the deaths of criminal thugs Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner – all of whom were killed by white officers (though George Zimmerman was a security officer, not a police officer).

Our national propaganda ministry covered the deaths of Martin, Brown and Garner ad nauseam. Little was said by our national propaganda ministry that all three of these guys would be alive today had they simply complied with the requests of the officers and community-watch volunteer Mr. Zimmerman and not been brainwashed into a life of crime and hate for authority.

In addition to our national propaganda ministry, Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder did not say a word that people, regardless of color, should obey the law and comply with the requests of police officers.

All of this irresponsible rhetoric by racist goons, incredibly dumb actions and words by the Obama administration and incessant “reporting” by our national propaganda ministry directly fanned the flames of racism that led to the murder of NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.

New York’s finest are righteously turning their backs on anti-police Mayor De Blasio like he turned his back on them when he sided with the criminal element instead of the warriors of law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day.

Instead of focusing on the deplorable and self-inflicted economic and social choices of black Americans, further foisted upon them for decades by Democrats such as President Obama, blacks are being conned into believing that racism is what is holding them back instead of suicidal choices. What a con job.

There’s blood on the hands of black racists, elected idiots, vacuous pawns and our national propaganda ministry. Your change has come, Mr. Holder. How’s that working out for you?

Thanks for nothing.

Merry Christmas anyway.