Nuge Java Now Available in Whole Bean!

You asked and we answered! Ted’s wildly popular coffee is now available in whole bean! Pick up one (or all three!) of Ted’s amazing blends – The Original, Sin-O-Man and KillerBrew Hazelnut, exclusively in the official Store.

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Ted’s latest article is now live on In it, he discusses the various daily rituals that mean so much to him, not least of which, the archery rituals that fuel him with a new bowhunting season fast approaching. Check it out here!

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We asked Ted “Why?” His Reply? “The Music Made Me Do It!”

Ted Nugent with Greg Smith (bassist) and Jason Hartless (drummer); "The Music Made Me Do It!"


Backstrap Fever!

By: Ted Nugent I think we can all agree that the early bowhunting season isn’t exactly the ultimate time of year weather-wise to get all fired-up to get out into the deerwoods. Pretty much everywhere across the hinterland the temperatures and conditions have remained steadily more summer-like than fall-like. All together now…. Ugh! But hark my fellow Natty Bumpo backstrappers, no hot, muggy, mosquito-buzzing sunny days will keep us out of our favorite deer-haunts, now will it!



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