Ted Nugent Brings His Motor City Madness to New York

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nug_FlashWoundsOn July 21, at one of our favorite venues, The Paramount in Huntington, NY, the one and only Ted Nugent  ~ shredder extraordinaire, multi-platinum-selling music legend, balls-to-the-wall performer ~ proved once again in his five-decade plus career that he is all of those things and so much more…and that his stage show, musical skills, and inimitable, irrepressible, outrageous style make him nothing less than a force of nature.

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A Message From Tedquarters

Friday, July 25, 2014

tedI am writing to you in regards to the picture of Ted nugent, wearing the aboriginal head dress. I would appreciate if you would please take down the photo of Ted wearing the aboriginal head dress with a bow n arrow and gun in his hands …I find this very disrespectful and insulting to my cultural back round. I feel with Ted recent out burst of racism and the picture I stated with the head dress, that he is trying to convey aboriginals as he quoted " unclean vermin". I will not stand for this kind of blatant racism…

Greetings from Tedquarters.

Mr. Nugent has a long history of working with a wide variety of Native American Tribes across our great country. He has never used the term unclean vermin to describe Native Americans.  On the contrary, Ted has been an honored guest at many tribal meetings, has worked with Native American youth, and was humbled to be inducted into the Strongheart Society by the Lakota Sioux, Northern Cheyenne and Arapahoe Tribes.

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Video premiere: Everything Matters

Friday, July 25, 2014

1406302748000-Jenny-Risher-Photography3Ted Nugent calls "Everything Matters" from his new SHUTUP&JAM! album a "grooving, classic R&B song."

The song's sepia-toned video, premiering at USA TODAY, gives fans a good, long look at the guitarist's beloved Gibson Byrdland and his rhythm section, bassist Greg Smith and drummer Greg Brown. Derek St. Holmes, whose history with Nugent goes back to 70s hits like Stranglehold and Cat Scratch Fever, returns to sing lead.

Nugent says the song and its groove were inspired by R&B greats like Wilson Pickett, James Brown and Otis Redding, as well as Detroit-based rockers Mitch Ryder and Wayne Cochran.

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