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Cimarron Firearms CompanyCocked, Locked & Ready to Rock!

Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild is proud announce our new media partnership with…Cimarron Firearms Company!

Cimarron Firearms is an American firearms importer that has been in operation since 1984. The company’s field of specialty is reproduction firearms from the American Civil War to the end of the Old West period. Founded by Mike Harvey in Houston, Texas, the company is now based in Fredericksburg, Texas.

With Ted’s lifelong passion for quality firearms, we think it’s a natural. Watch for Cimarron on Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild – seen exclusively on Outdoor Channel. For more information, visit or call (830) 997-9090.

“I like guns. Cimarron Firearms produces World Class Guns that truly enhance my aim small, miss small American Dream. Fill your hands with Cimarron Firearms and celebrate American Freedom.”



Bohning Company
As we approach 75 years of continuous operation serving the Archery community the Bohning Company takes nothing for granted.

-Not the incredible loyalty to, use of, and promotion of Bohning products by Archers Worldwide in the field and on the range.

-Not the long-term and vital relationships we enjoy with our dealer, distribution, retail, advertisers and OEM partners, who for some have been partners the entire 74 years of our existence.

-Not the fact that Archery, and all activities, are earned and secured by countless free people who serve every day in our Civilian, Civil and Military missions across the globe.

-Not the privilege to sponsor Archery Organizations that grow youth, archery awareness and championship circuits across the world. Bohning attended 18 events in 2019.

-Not the incredible commitment and dedication of our Bohning Team of employees, many of whom have served over 30 years. Their passion for doing what is right, and treating others with respect, is as rooted in our company as any tradition.

-Not the safe travels of all participants, employees, competitors and families while moving to and from the incredible events held all across this great nation. Events like IBO, ASA, NASP, S3DA, TAC, NFAA, BOWFEST, R100 and numerous local and regional shoots, which are often organized and held by hard-working volunteers. These events are in fact the tradition of Archery Worldwide. A tradition like no other, and one that BOHNING is Proud to be have been part of for going on 75 years.

Bohning Company      7361 North 7 Mile Road       Lake City, MI 49651       231.229.4247


Check out THESE Bad Boys!     

Here’s a product that allows bowhunters to focus on increasing their FOC without the hassle—The Bad Boys of ProTracker Archery.

Improve accuracy, penetration and momentum—simply by increasing the weight of your arrow.  Set up before the hunt, or do it quickly and easily in the field.  Simply remove your broadhead, slide on the Bad Boy you want, and screw your broadhead back on.  You don’t even have to re-sight your bow!

Bar none, it’s the easiest way to add weight that we’ve found!  Works with any broadhead, any arrow, any bow!  Uncle Ted includes these in his Gear Bag, and you should, too!

Different weights to customize your hunt:

100 grains for smaller type game, such as antelope or whitetail.

125 grains for larger whitetail, hogs, or mule deer

150 grains for larger mule deer, hogs, or elk

200 grains for elk or bison

250 and 300 for your African type Game

Comes with a Lifetime Warranty!

Visit for more information–and get your Bad Boy on!

Uncle Ted Special:  Get a 3-pack of Bad Boys, any grain weight, for just $25.00!





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