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Why use a Spinner Feeder when you can “target” your feed–with the innovative, new Cannon Feeder!
Seeing is believing! The new solar-powered Cannon Feeder uses a special air compressor that allows you to direct feed to a targeted area. At 150 feet, corn will spread out in a pattern about 20 yards wide. You can vary the pressure on the tank to control how far the feed shoots out.
“It offers a lot of advantages over gravity and spinner-type feeders,” says Luke Leissner, Sales & Marketing director for the Bay City, Texas-based company.
A 20-watt solar panel mounted on top of the feeder delivers power to a solar charger control, which regulates the power delivered to a 12-volt battery. And the feeder can be programmed to shoot feed up to 6 times a day.
Leissner says that whenever he tells potential customers the Cannon Feeder doesn’t have a spinner, they look at him like he’s crazy. But it doesn’t take long to see the advantages it offers over spinner feeders:
*Easy to set up
*No ladders required—just fill from the ground
*Completely enclosed & “critter proof”
*650 pound capacity
*Special pricing for military members and first responders
These are just some of the reasons the folks at Cannon Feeder are Great People to Know! For more information, call 1-855-863-5075 or today!



Freedom Mobility, LLC is passionate about giving independence back to those who may have lost some of their freedom while fighting to preserve ours. Founded to address the issues of the aging of the baby boomer generation and helping the Wounded Warriors returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, our goal is to manufacture a product that enables people to remain active and maximize their autonomy.

The Freedom Outdoor All-Terrain Wheelchair is the ultimate electric all-wheel drive 6×6 wheelchair. It is environmentally friendly, safe, quiet, tough and loaded with standard features.

The Freedom 6×6 Power Wheel Chair falls between a regular power chair and an ATV! The 6×6 all-wheel drive wheel chair can climb grades of 15%, and takes you through most terrain that a person is able to walk upon, including wet ground, rocks, snow and sand.

Owners Ron Bush, Charlie McDonald and Tammie Smith founded Freedom Mobility, LLC. in 2010 to encourage those with physical challenges to get back into the great outdoors.

Bow Mitt 2 Introducing The Insulated Bow Mitt™ (Patent Pending) from Better The Hunt®

This innovative new shooting mitt has 200 grams of Thinsulate to keep your bow hand warm
and ready for the shot—no matter the weather!

*Designed to fit any bow
*Allows for string clearance and clean arrow flight
*Water resistant
*Made in the USA!Bow Mitt 1

Choose from Mossy Oak Treestand, Break-Up Country and Brush! Be prepared! Order yours today at:






Hunting is thiyet-yram_largersty work–

So remember to bring your favorite beverage in a Rambler Tumbler from YETI!

Perfect for Opening Day, camp outs, fishing trips and all year round!  Rambler Tumblers from YETI keep ice 2 times longer than plastic tumblers!  They work great for hot beverages, too!  Check them out, plus YETI’s hard coolers and more at





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