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Why Giza Cotton

Meet:  Mike Lindell!

Mike Lindell is best known as the inventor and CEO of MyPillow, although his notoriety as someone radically freed from the power of addiction is beginning to exceed even his MyPillow fame. His deep enthusiasm and heart for helping people recover from addictions is what has inspired him to launch the Lindell Recovery Network. The LRN is an amazing platform which will help millions of people find recovery and Jesus through help, hope, and mentorship.

Through the power of prayer, Mike was radically freed from a serious crack cocaine addiction over ten years ago, and his journey from struggling entrepreneur to CEO of a multi-million-dollar company is nothing short of miraculous. Mike often describes the one-in-a-million events that have marked his pathway as just that – miracles.

Mike has a special knack for treating each of his employees as though they’re the most important person on earth, and that interpersonal gift spills over into all areas of his life. That includes his most important call: to help people get set free from addiction and find Jesus. Mike knew MyPillow was just a platform for God, and he has followed his calling to help bring people to Jesus and help give addicts hope so they can overcome their addictions.

Mike’s goal with the Lindell Recovery Network is to help millions of addicts get their hearts restored and set free from addiction, as well as to provide tens of thousands of jobs for them – and above all, to help them find freedom in Jesus.

Mike’s honesty, humility, and willingness to share his struggle with candor and humor will inspire, challenge, and motivate you. His success is undeniable, but Mike never fails to give credit where credit is due – and attributes all of his best ideas and successes to the Lord.


Bohning Company

2021 BOHNING ARCHERY BLAZER TOUR– 75 years “Making it in the U.S.A.”

In 1946 while at his family camp near Lake City, MI a chemist by trade, and bowhunter as hobby, began what has turned out to be one of Modern Archery’s greatest stories of commitment, innovation and inspiration. Rollin Bohning working with the likes of Fred Bear and Doug Easton brought solutions to what was then a young archery community. Today on that very same piece of Northern Michigan land stands a testament to the courage of those early archery pioneer. The Bohning Company a strong, resilient, dedicated team of remarkable individuals.

The team at Bohning has been perfecting the mystical flight of the arrow for 75 years!! From our roots as the first developer of adhesives, waxes, arrow cresting and fletching devices we evolved to making the most widely used vanes and nocks in the world. In 2020 the Griffin Vane, developed for the Olympic Archer, continued the tradition of solving performance, strength and durability issues with ground up design, engineering and innovation.

Bohning produces some of the finest target archery accessories used world-wide. Target practice and competitions are vitally important to the sport. Bohning produces vanes for traditional archers, long-distance field archers and indoor spot shooters. However, it is one Bohning Vane that has since its inception, has adorned more arrows, built more confidence and fulfilled more dreams than any other vane ever. Any other ever?

The Bohning Blazer’s design, shape, material and geometry ensured dreams come true for hunters who have ethically harvested game from across the entire world for over a decade. From Latin America, Brazil, Australia, Europe, Africa and North America the archery hunter has relied on the Bohning Blazer Vane to control the flight of their arrows from mountain top to grasslands, from Northern Oak ridges to Deep Mountain gorges. The Bohning Blazer vane has made every incredible trek, adventure, climb, crawl and stalk ever imagined and realized.

Why is what Bohning does more important than just producing arrow accessories? It is a testament to the original desire to make a better product that would ensure the archer is successful and efficient. Both traits owed to the incredible game we admire, lead conservation of and stalk. We owe to ourselves as passionate pursuers of the legendary art of Archery.

It is with all this in mind that BOHNING begins its celebration of 75 years as the leader in the design, innovation and performance of arrow accessories … let the BLAZER TOUR begin.

Scott Hamlin

The Bohning Company

75 YEARS – 1946-2021 – “Providing more big silly grins than all others”





Check out THESE Bad Boys!     

Here’s a product that allows bowhunters to focus on increasing their FOC without the hassle—The Bad Boys of ProTracker Archery.

Improve accuracy, penetration and momentum—simply by increasing the weight of your arrow.  Set up before the hunt, or do it quickly and easily in the field.  Simply remove your broadhead, slide on the Bad Boy you want, and screw your broadhead back on.  You don’t even have to re-sight your bow!

Bar none, it’s the easiest way to add weight that we’ve found!  Works with any broadhead, any arrow, any bow!  Uncle Ted includes these in his Gear Bag, and you should, too!

Different weights to customize your hunt:

100 grains for smaller type game, such as antelope or whitetail.

125 grains for larger whitetail, hogs, or mule deer

150 grains for larger mule deer, hogs, or elk

200 grains for elk or bison

250 and 300 for your African type Game

Comes with a Lifetime Warranty!

Visit for more information–and get your Bad Boy on!

Uncle Ted Special:  Get a 3-pack of Bad Boys, any grain weight, for just $25.00!

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