I Love That Beautiful Vicious cycle

Friday, January 10, 2020

By: Ted Nugent What is it they say; “Wash, rinse, repeat.” “The circle shall not go unbroken.” “Same ol same ol.” “Stuck in a rut.” “Engineered redundancy.” “Like Déjà vu all over again.” “Repetition is the art of perfection.” (I think I just made that one up, but I do it all the time, repetitiously over and over and over again and again.

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NugeYear Deerhunting Resolutions

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

By: Ted Nugent 2020! Are you kidding me! You expect me to believe we have now entered the year of our Lord 2020, 73 firebreathing, crazy years after my original eruption onto planet earth! Can this be, you ask? Well, yessireebob it tiz, and don’t you think for one exciting, rock-n-roll, backstrapping minute that I…

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Relentless Pursuit

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

By: Ted Nugent If I am anything, I am relentless. This pursuit of happiness thing has always had a powerdriving hold on me and I have witnessed that same indefatigable drive in the happiest people and the best hunters I know. The concept of equality is futile as none of us are the same and all humans have unique characteristics, talents, dreams, ideas and varying passions beyond imagination. I know guys that are so naturally gifted as efficient predators that it defies description. They clearly possess innate capabilities to choose right place right time with dizzying consistency. From my perspective, they actually seem to attract big bucks! I make it a point when hanging out with these guys to pay real close attention to their words and actions in hopes of picking up on just what it is that makes them so deadly. Some of them perform the moon phase rituals, diligently monitor their game grounds with constant trail-cam placement and reviews and carefully choose just when and where they will invest their hunting time.

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Older, Slower, Wiser, Happier Hunter

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

By: Ted Nugent You think slowing down and getting into the primal predator mode of the hunt is difficult for you, imagine the overwhelming challenge I face when attempting to go from Mr. Bouncing-off-the-walls MotorCity Madman back to the dangerous, stealthy, cunning, slow-motion bowhunter backstrapmando! I got your hyper dynamo juxtaposition right here, pilgrim! Chuck Berry and Little Richard on one side, Fred Bear and Ishi on the other! Whoa! But alas, I improvise, adapt and overcome and figured it out for the most part way back in my most manic high energy teenage youth, for the bow and arrow was as driving an inspirational a force to me as my firebreathing Gibson guitars and primalscream rock-n-roll. It was rather obvious in those early years of experimental bowhunting adventure that I was not naturally cutout for this slow and easy stealth and patience bowhunting stuff!

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Happy Happy ThanXgiving Everyday America

Thursday, November 21, 2019

By: Ted Nugent Where oh where does one begin to list the endless gifts that we are to be thankful for as Americans? ThanXgiving is indeed a very special occasion in America, and everybody I know makes a supreme effort to show sincere appreciation and gratitude for all the blessings we have in this Last Best Place on earth. I start out each day of my life looking to the heavens in absolute awe at this miracle of life and the God given individual rights and freedoms we have in this unique experiment in self-government we call the United States of America. I am extremely thankful that we designate a special day each November to celebrate all that is wondrous. I am most thankful that I am an American and we defied the abject status quo of the world and threw off the shackles of tyranny way back in our founding. I thank God each day for the wisdom and courage of our Founding Fathers who crafted the US Constitution and Bill of Rights to guide the opening volley for mankind for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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Big Bang Opener!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

By: Ted Nugent There is no doubt whatsoever that I am hopelessly addicted to the mystical flight of the arrow. And as addictions go, this one is a doozy and oh so good for you! Archery, almost like God, family, country, freedom and rock-n-roll plays a huge role in my American Dream of life, liberty and constant pursuit of happiness. That being said, right up there with the endless thrills of bowhunting the majestic deer of America comes my fascination and love of marksmanship and its ultimate aim small miss small application of firearms deerhunting. As I slam this little NugeBlog ditty on the 13th day of November 2019, I am just two days away from what many of us still believe is the defining magical moment in the deerhunting lifestyle-altogether now, say HALLELUJAH like ya mean it, for November 15 is Opening Day of the Michigan gun season, and I am as or more excited to Carpe that diem than I ever have been in 71 seasons!

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

By: Ted Nugent Somewhere along the beautiful forested banks of the Tittibawasee River, somewhere in the big deerwoods of Northern Michigan, maybe it was near Grayling, maybe Gaylord, maybe Gladwin in classic Americana deer country, young 10 month old Theodore Anthony Nugent entered the glorious world of deercamp, and my American Dream deerhunting trajectory was written in stone. Lucky lucky me huh! Jettison forward at a breakneck pace lightyears into fall 2019, and here I am again, celebrating one of life’s most thrilling experiences, my 71st deercamp! Those earliest of years were in many ways totally different, but in the most important ways, exactly the same. Let me explain; before I really got the deerhunting bug, say around the age of 12 or 13, deercamp was an annual short window of opportunity getaway that we all eagerly looked forward to. Deercamp was a distant destination that entailed much planning and a serious family excursion from our Detroit home far, far away to the Great North. From the concrete jungle, fast paced Motorcity industrial revolution Arsenal of Democracy cityscape to the soul cleansing primal scream of big timber wilderness was not just a topographical journey, but surely a psychological adventure as well.

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Trick or Treat Backstrap Dreams

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

By: Ted Nugent Well happy happy Halloween everybody! Surely everybody knows that Halloween day is one of the best deerhunting days in North America! Not only does vast unsolicited testimony and anecdotal evidence support this self-evident truth, but even the record books are replete with probably more beast entries on Halloween than any other day of the year! Backstrap trick or treat like you mean it! The exciting end of October is a virtual explosion of increased wildlife activity all around, but most importantly it signals the unleashing of the November critter firestorm of rutting insanity, and God knows we all deerly love the eruption of unleashed critter firestorm rutting insanity, do we not! In my more than 60 years of gungho deerhunting, I think I have only missed a handful of Halloween days afield, due in my teenage years to the hyper rock-n-roll touring schedule that I had not yet figured out how to properly prioritize my sacred hunting time. Then there were a few Halloweens where Ma Nature had a tizzy fit and threw massive snotfest rainstorms into our lives and kept us frustratingly under wraps. October 31, 2018 was a day to remember, that’s for sure! I was nestled in my high-ridge ladderstand in the glory of the Michigan color peak with ace VidCamDude Ethan Whisker, and a good hour before losing camera light I glimpsed shadowy movement in the dense puckerbrush where the cattail and reedgrass marsh melded into the mature timberground way off yonder. Bino’s instantly identified a hulk of a bulk of a blubberbuck stud strolling with purpose off to our north, and in one fell predator ballet swoop I was able to range a beachball size hole in the understory at 61 yards, come to fulldraw, burp out a half-ass doe bleat and launch my 400grain deathray up, over and arching on a mission of mercy square into the buckzilla chest cavity with a resounding WHACK!

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Arrow Heaven

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

By: Ted Nugent Scouting my sacred wildgrounds and shooting my Mathews every day are nearly as exciting as hunting my wildgrounds. It is this year-round nonstop scouting that teaches me much about critter activity and the always changing travel patterns to better zero in on my most advantageous ambush location. And of course, my samurai mystical flight of the arrow addiction is not only thrilling beyond words, but essential in remaining ONE with the path of my arrow for clean kills and backstrap joys! And so it was on this magic fall day 2019 as I carefully snuck up on my chosen treestand setup for the afternoon bowhunt, that the Great Spirit was riding along on my shoulders to assist in my predator/conservation duties. I don’t know about you, but my predator radar glows bright orange DefCom1 fulltime the minute I make the decision to hunt, sucking in every minute detail of the energized wild world around me, even as I slowly stalk through the woods, across the creek, into the marsh edge and up the final ridge to my tree.

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Just ShutUp and Hunt

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

By: Ted Nugent Happy happy October everybody! Ain’t it grand! Ain’t it special! Ain’t it wonderful! Ain’t it beautiful! Ain’t it ours! Celebrate October 2019 every day like you mean it! I guarantee I’m going to! Many hunters around the world kicked off the season back in August and September, but you have to admit, there is something rather special about the effervescent month of October. Since my earliest youth, October 1st always represented that much anticipated magic opening day of our Michigan bowseason, and it was celebrated with mucho gusto by the Nugent family and the growing army of deerhunting archers inspired by his majesty, Mr. Fred Bear. So many states have initiated earlier openers and I not only fully support such increased opportunities, but I fight like mad to create such increased attractions for hunter retention and recruitment in every state. The more opportunities, bang for your buck so to speak, the better for the future of conservation participation across America.

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